Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specs, Release date & Price in India

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With just a few weeks left for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch on August 9, the internet has started filling with leaks, rumors, and speculations for the 8th generation of the Galaxy Note series (remember they skipped the Note 6?)

Update: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has finally launched and all the information we discussed in this article seem to be true. But there is much more to the smartphone.

It starts at $999 for the 128GB Model with 6GB RAM and goes up to $1299 for the 512GB Model with 8GB RAM. Read the article where we compared it with Samsung Galaxy 9 Plus.

While Techtippr is not into tech news about Rumours and Speculations, we still would like to keep our readers informed about some key tech, Samsung Galaxy Note series is one of them.

So we will be adding all the information we can get about the Galaxy Note 9 and put it on this page so that it is easier for you to keep a track of things.

The launch date of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Since Samsung has officially announced the launch date of the Galaxy Note 9, there is no speculation left to do at least about the launch date. It is August 9.

Samsung has already started sending media invites for the event. You can read about the specifications and what’s new coming to the phablet below.

Design of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There is nothing much exciting about the design part of the Galaxy Note 9 since it is said to have just facelift on the Galaxy Note 8, with some pumped up specs according to the market standard.

One thing to be thankful about is that there would be any ‘Notch’ on the smartphone. It would pretty much be like the Galaxy Note 8.

Maybe the similar story, like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, there wasn’t really any path-breaking check into the new version relation. Perhaps Samsung will be bringing something exciting on the 10th anniversary, but for that, we will have to wait for another year.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As usual, the notes stories is the high-end smartphone from Samsung so it is good to have the best Snapdragon chipset available in the market and that is Snapdragon 845.

The US and China version would be getting the Snapdragon 845 wild International variant would be getting the equivalent of it, in the form of Exynos 9810, which is to be found on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus as well.

The Galaxy Note 9 is said to start with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of Storage, Samsung me also launch higher variants of it with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of Storage or 512 GB of Storage (that’s going to be exciting because none of the phones currently in the market has got 512 GB of storage).

The size of the smartphone is said to have 6.4 inches, and thanks to the Infinity display, It Would Still Be A handy smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 9 is also likely to have the dual camera setup just like the Galaxy S9 Plus with the primary camera offering variable aperture. If that happens, the Galaxy Note 9 will be the second camera to have a variable aperture.

Bs10 wood auto sweep present in the Galaxy Note 9 as it is one of the main features that differentiates it from the Galaxy S series.

The S Pen has got in terms of improvements from generation to generation and this one is claimed to have Bluetooth support and the ability to unlock the device remotely.

Also, new leaks suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 will have a huge battery of 4000mAh.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Talking about the price, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is said to have Pinterest above the $1000 mark, which would be the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when it was launched.

Since we have already seen the price cut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, space has already been cleared for the next generation of the Note series.

More photos and videos would be added to this article when available, if you want to stay updated about the Galaxy Note 9, you can either save this page. Or like our Facebook page to get notified for the latest tech.

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