‘Ok Google’ isn’t working in Google Assistant on Your Android? Hers is how to fix it

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Looking to find why Google Assistant not working? Continue reading this article to know how to fix it.

What is Google Assistant?

Although, I would assume that you already know about Google Assistant, but if in case you do not know, where is the answer.

Google Assistant is a smart virtual assistant which can help you by simplifying small tasks such as, finding something for you on the internet, reading news, getting reminders, converting currency etc.

It’s actually become a very important part of the activities that you on our smartphones.

Ok Google Isn’t Working to Trigger Google Assistant

I have been getting messages from readers saying that the Google assistant is not working for them, they have to speak ‘OK Google’ multiple times, but it does not get activated.

In this article we are trying to troubleshoot your Google Assistant problems, check out the following steps you can take to fix ‘Ok Google’ not working problem.

How to Fix Ok Google Not Working

Check your language setting

Google Assistant has been launched in various languages, and maybe you are speaking the wrong language.

It will be a nice idea to check it from the settings menu.

To do this, you can go to the Google app and then it’s Menu, then go to Settings > Voice under search and then select the appropriate language from the Voice menu.

Select the language you want to communicate with Google assistant.

Usually, it’s the English US, but you can change it accordingly, to add another language as your second language.

One thing to keep in mind that in order for Google Assistant to use in multilingual, both the language need to be similar to each other otherwise, it won’t work.

For example, if you want to use Google Assistant in Hindi you will have to change your device from English US to Hindi.

Update the language pack if there is an update available

Maybe you have selected the right language but the problem still arises, updating your language pack please solve your problem if there is an update available.

To do that you can go to offline speech recognition and download or update your language pack.

Fix Google Assistant Voice Not Working

Check the Microphone Access to the Google app

In order for the Google Assistant to work, it requires Microphone access on your smartphone, and sometimes there is a possibility that the microphone access is not given to a particular app.

Which can be done by going to the apps info page of the app, going to the permissions area and check whether the microphone access has been allowed or not.

Retrain Your Google Assistant once again

Maybe you had trained Google Assistant with your voice in the past but since it is a software it is prone to fail, you should retrain Google Assistant voice once again.

You can go to the Google app sitting area, tap on the voice section and Retrain Your Google Assistant with voice.

You will have to say Ok Google three times and your voice will be registered.

Disable S Voice for Bixby in Samsung Phones

The recent Smartphones from Samsung are coming with this new Bixby.

Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant, which is competing against Google Assistant, and in most cases, Google Assistant is not compatible when Bixby is running on the phone.

So you will have to make a choice between Bixby on Google assistant.

If you want to use Google Assistant then you will have to disable the Bixby assistant from your phone. Long press on the Bixby icon and tap on app info, find the disable button and tap on it to disable the Bixby assistant.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet

This may sound dumb but I am sure you are aware that Google Assistant works only when the internet is connected to your smartphone.

So, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi or the mobile data is enabled in order for the Google assistant to work as advertised.

Inspect the microphone on a device physically

What I mean here is there could be a problem with your microphone hardware, though, it is highly unlikely that your microphone hardware will have issues just like that.

The microphone is placed at the bottom of the phone just around the speaker grill there would be a tiny hole.

If you can spot it, you can try cleaning it with a safety pin or similar object that can go inside it. This doesn’t always work but you can try it out.

If all the above methods could not solve your problem, then maybe take any issue with your microphone hardware and it’s time to visit the service centre of your smartphone.

It is unfortunate if it happens to a newer phone but it also is good news that your phone is under warranty and you can get it fixed free of charge.

In case your phone is not under warranty then it’s better to visit the local mobile repair shop instead of going to the service centre because obviously.

They going to charge much more than it can be repaired at a local mobile repair shop.

So, this is how you can fix Ok Google not working on your Android to trigger the Google Assistant.

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