5 Screen Recording Apps for iPhone with Advanced Features

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If you have been looking for apps that can let you record screen on your iPhone you are at the right place.

But before we go further discussing several apps that will let you do that. iPhones already have gotten inbuilt feature to record screen if you didn’t already know that.

But there are people who still be interested in a screen recording app because it will offer more functionalities that the native Screen Recorder on iPhone.

So here is a list of some best screen recording apps that I have come across

DU Recorder

The DU recorder is an amazing Screen Recorder which is available for both iPhone as well as Android.

It is one of the best screen recording apps available with exciting features such as the ability to live-stream whatever is going on the screen of your phone.

So people who play games on their iPhone will have the ability to live steam there gameplay.

You have more control who was the video you record through the app as you cannot only dream the editing are the starting but midpoints of the video as well.

And later you can add your own recording, which is an interesting feature if you are looking to create a tutorials.

The app also has got a feature to directly upload the video to YouTube Facebook or Twitch.

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Screen Recorder+

Screen Recorder+ is another great iPhone screen recording app.

The app has some really nice video editing capabilities as you can speed up your recorded video rotate it or even add a filter to it.

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Record It!

This is another great screen recording app for iOS devices.

Along with capturing the action on your screen, you can also do face cam. And the editor allows you to do picture in picture in style videos where you can put the front camera of your phone to use to record yourself reacting to a video or something.

That also allows you to do a voice-over on your recorded video so it makes it an excellent tutorial creating tool.

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Go Record

This is also like other apps mentioned in this list but the speciality of this app is that it can import other videos and then you can stitch a couple of them to form a single video.

So if you are planning to do longer videos where you would have to add multiple videos screen recording then this can be helpful.

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TechSmith Capture

This is an app which is actually a part of Camtasia suite for video apps, which is available for both Windows and Mac.

So if you want more control and want to do more with the videos you record on your iPhone, or maybe you are already using Camtasia software for your computer, you can use it on your iPhone is well.

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These were five the best screen recording apps available for iPhone Shirley there are more in the app store but these are the ones that I have tried myself and are working fine.

Here is a list of some of the best recording apps available for Android

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