Getting Poor Wi-Fi Signal in Distant Corners of House? Set up Wi-Fi Range Extender

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If you are having trouble with your Wi-Fi at your home, with the signal is weak in distant corners, I pretty much give away the solution in the headline of this article itself.

It is time for you to set up some Wi-Fi extenders, also known as Wi-Fi signal boosters.

Before we get into details about how to set up Wi-Fi range extenders, let me convince you even further by sharing a real-life example of how setting up just one Wi-Fi Range Extender has helped me remove all the W-Fi dead zones in my 1200 square feet apartment.

So, I have got a rectangular three-room apartment, one of which is set up as a home office, which is at one corner of the flat. It is where the Wi-Fi router has been installed.

I spend pretty much all my awake hours in my home office, working, or doing some research work, watching videos on YouTube, etc.

Read color is Dead Zone with Poor or No Wi-Fi Signal

Almost half of the flat gets a good signal. There is just one wall between the Wi-Fi router and other areas.

But as soon as I enter another room, the signal drops drastically with which the speed also drops.

The bedroom is on the other corner of the flat, but it is straight from the home office, with the kitchen and bathroom between them.

My other room gets an inferior Wi-Fi signal, and if I am a corner, my smartphone even struggles to keep connected to my Wi-Fi.

Now, I have got a Wi-Fi Range Extender installed in the dining area, which covers the rest of the half part of the flat.

I have set up Wi-Fi Extender in Dining Area

I did some speed tests to show you the results.

I did this Speedtest by sitting in one corner of the distant room which gets a poor signal. Here are the speeds on my 100Mbps connection.

And this is the speed test after setting up Wi-Fi Range Extender. The speed almost doubled, I get practically 40Mbps to 50Mbps download, and pretty much similar uploads when I am in the home office. Getting this kind of speed in the distant room is excellent.

Here is another speed test from the balcony area of my flat when I am connected to the extended Wi-Fi network.

The speed is not great, but, considering the fact that I wasn’t even able to connect to my Wi-Fi network earlier, makes me appreciate this speed also, which is enough for doing some light work on the laptop.

How to setup Wi-Fi Range Extender at home

There are 2 ways you can set up Wi-Fi Range Extender at home.

  • By turning your old Wi-Fi router into a Range Extender
  • By buying a new Wi-Fi Range Extender from the Market

Turn old Wi-Fi router into Range Extender

If you have got an old Wi-Fi router lying around, you can use it as a Range Extender.

If it is from past five years or so, it might have the option to use it as a Range Extender. Pretty much every Wi-Fi router these days comes with this feature.

I had a Wi-Fi router from TP-link, and it has an easy setup option that allows you to use it as a Range Extender. I have written a detailed article explaining the process here.

Buy a New Wi-Fi Range Extender from the market

Even if we do not have got an old Wi-Fi router that you can use as a Wi-Fi Range Extender, you can buy a new Wi-Fi Range Extender that is specifically built for that purpose only.

Wi-Fi Range Extender are as easy as plug and play, you just have to connect them to a power outlet, connect to your current Wi-Fi network, set up a name for the extended Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Range Extender from TP-link starts from as low as $16, such as TP-Link N300 Wi-Fi Rane Extender

Then there are little expensive ones that support dual-band Wi-Fi range extenders, meaning 2.4 GHz and 5GHz, give you the option to connect two more devices and so on. Such as the TP-Link AC750

How to get the most out of your Wi-Fi Range Extender

You can follow these things if you want to get the maximum speed after setting up the Wi-Fi range extenders.

Placement is Crucial

The placement of the Wi-Fi Range Extender who decide how much area it will cover and what the speed of the internet would be.

Try placing it in the middle area of your home, if the router is not there.

And if the router is placed in the mid area, it would be a better idea to place the Wi-Fi Range Extender in the corners, or maybe you will require more than one if you want to cover your entire home.

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Use a Different Name for the Extended Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi Range Extender might be pulling signals an Internet from the original Wi-Fi network, but naming at differently would help you recognize which wireless network you are connected to.

Your smartphones would directly switch to the stronger Wi-Fi when you are roaming around your house.

So if the Wi-Fi network name of the extended network would be the same, you might face trouble with the internet.

Use the LAN Cable for Fast Connection

Although it is not possible for everyone if you can do it, you should do it.

Mostly all the new Range Extender routers have the option to connect to RJ45 LAN cable.

So, if there is a possibility that you can bring out LAN cable from your original router to the Wi-Fi Range Extender, you will get a stronger internet connection.

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