Turn Your Android Smartphone into PC Speakers

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Maybe you really need to use your Android smartphone as a speaker for your PC, maybe you just want to look cool in front of your friends, I won’t really judge you.

I am going to simply tell you that it’s possible to turn your Android smartphone into a PC speaker and stream music or audio from your PC to your Android.

How to stream audio from your PC to Android

For this, we will be using a service called Sound Wire. You will need to install the Sound Wire server on your PC and the Sound Wire app on your Android phone.

Open the server where you will see a server address at the top, simply make a note of it.

Now open the Sound Wire app on your smartphone, you will see an input field, Named ‘Server’, put the server address that you have noted from the Sound Wire server on your PC.

Then tap on ‘Connect’ button and your smartphone will be connected to the Sound Wire server on your PC.

Once it is connected you can play anything on your PC which will stream back to your smartphone.

This cool little trick turns your Android smartphone into a wireless speaker which you can keep anywhere and stream music to it.

The same functionality can also be achieved using another method, where we will be using another service called Wi-Fi speaker.

Just like the Sound Wire, you will have to download and installed the Wi-Fi Speaker Server on your PC and download and install the Wi-Fi speaker app on your mobile phone.

Open the Wi-Fi speaker server on your PC and make a note of the server IP address, which you will have to put into the Wi-Fi speaker app on your smartphone.

Once you have typed in the IP address of the Wi-Fi speaker server in your Wi-Fi speaker app on your mobile phone, tap on the connect button, after which you will be able to stream anything from your PC to your Android smartphone.

There are a few more services that let you do it, I will simply name them and you can figure out how to use them, which is pretty much like what we have mentioned above.

  • Wireless speaker

  • Sound it

  • Stream what you hear

So this is how you can turn your Android smartphone into wireless speakers for your PC and stream music or any other audio file from your PC.


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