14 Free and Best iPhone Apps for 2021 to Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone

There are millions of ants in the iOS App Store in the number is only increasing.

But other iPhones have got a limited space and we can only install a handful of them. Searching for the best apps out of these millions of apps is quite a task.

So we have simplified the task of finding the best apps in each category and listed them out here in this post.

We will not be putting common app such as Twitter Facebook except for because you already know about them, the focus is to bring the best apps in different categories to ease the job of finding the best ones for yourself.

Best Keyboard app

Apple allowed iOS users to install third-party keyboard apps after the release of IOS 8. Though there are a bunch of keyboard apps available for iOS devices the best one viewed recruitment is SwiftKey.

The implementation of 50 on the iOS device is pretty cool, and when you switch from stock keyboard to the SwiftKey keyboard on the iOS device you will know why SwiftKey keyboard is the best keyboard app available.

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Best Note-taking app

We recommend Evernote for taking notes on your iPhone. Evernote is a cross-platform app to take notes in different formats, it actually works like a digital Notebook in which you can save a piece of stacked, put reminders, a save a picture, scan receipts, and other documents and keep it safe.

The free version lets you install the app on two devices so that you can keep your important files synced so they are available anything you want.

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Best File Manager app

We recommend file manager app for iOS devices. File manager is a free ad-supported app, that will fix your need for a file manager on iOS devices.

The app has a clean interface where we can easily create files and folders you can also and various cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Dive, and much more.

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Best Office App

We recommend WPS office for iOS devices, it supports all major formats and is perfect for opening document file that you receive my email or messaging apps.

The app will let you create, view, edit, and convert documents into PDF call on your iOS device.

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Best browser app

We recommend Google Chrome browser for browsing websites on your iOS device.

While Safari is sufficient for a lot of people, if we use Google Chrome on PC then Google Chrome app on the iOS device will help you get all your bookmarks and browsing history on your mobile phone which is helpful and quite productive as well.

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Best photo editing app

We recommend Picsart Photo as the best photo editing app for iOS devices. While there are so many apps for editing photos on the iOS devices, we found PicsArt Photo to be the best with tons of features.

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Best screen recording app

The best app for recording screen on iPhone and other iOS devices is TechSmith Capture.

Recording your screen can be helpful in creating tutorials both for the family if you want to show them something how to do it on iPhone or uploaded the tutorial on YouTube

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Best Video Editing app

We recommend a movie as the best video editing app for iOS devices. The eye movie app was initially available for just Macs, but it was later released for iOS devices as well. I movie is free and is excellent software for editing videos on the go.

The Other apps that you will find on the App Store for editing videos are either paid or the free versions had a watermark it doesn’t look good.

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Best RSS feed app

We recommend feel the app for reading your favorite blogs in a nice clutter-free interface.
Feedly is one of the best RSS feed reader software for iOS devices. If you would love reading blog post I have some favorite blogs you can organize them in Philly and read your favorite post all at one place.

The app has 2 modes, and night mode and Elite mode and it also has a ‘ read it later’ feature so that you can save best blog post for reading later

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Best Cloud Storage app

We recommend Google Drive as the best cloud storage app for iOS devices. Even though Apple offers iCloud which has 5 GB of free space for every iOS account, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage, and the fact that the service is tied with a Google account it makes it is here to access your content (files, images etc) from PC.

If you are a user of Google Docs and other office apps offered by Google then Google drive App will also let you access them easily.

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Best Video Calling app

We recommend Google duo for video calling, the iOS devices have FaceTime and many people are tied to the Apple ecosystem just because of services like these which are exclusive to iOS devices.

But, if you want a more universal which can let you do video calling even with Android users then duo app is the best video calling app out there.

Google duo, however, is a one on one video calling app, if you want a group calling you can also use Facebook Messenger or the Skype Messenger which offer free group video calling and are quite amazing apps as well.

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Best Video Player App

We recommend VLC for mobile as the best video player app for iOS devices. It is perhaps the only to free app that is also not at supported.

And there isn’t any video file format that VLC does not support, you can play in not just video files but audio files as well.

So in case if you are not happy with the stock video player you can always use this third-party video player.

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So these are some of the best iPhone apps in different categories.

We have sorted them out because they are the best and free apps available for iPhone and other iOS devices. But in the end, it all comes down to user preference. So, in case if you use any other App in different categories you can search for it in the app store.

Also check out the best Apps for Android Apps in different category if you are an Android User, (or share it with an Android user)

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