How to Shoot Perfect Time-Lapse Videos on iPhone

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Part of the reason iPhone comes with a premium price tag its camera, which can take amazing shots. It’s true for both Photos and Videos.

In this post, we are talking about how you can use the iPhone camera to capture perfect time lapses.

What is a time lapse?

For those who don’t know what a Time-Lapse is, it’s a long video capturing movements or a crowd, cloud, sun, flow etc and playing it at a faster speed to show the entire movement in a short time.

Here is a beautiful Time-Lapse shot on iPhone

The following video is a collection of Time lapses that have been put together in iMovie app on iPhone itself.

How to Create Time-Lapse Videos on your iPhone

  • Launch the Camera app on your iPhone.
  • Swipe to the right three times to enter time-lapse mode.
  • Tap on the record button to start your time-lapse.
  • Let your video record for a good amount of time. Typically, the longer the record, the better the time-lapse will turn out.
  • When you’re done capturing, tap the stop button to end the time-lapse.

Things to do for Capturing the Best Time Lapses

Apart from the technicalities to know how to capture a time lapse, there is a bit of creativity to get the best time lapses. So let’s see what you can do to get the best ones.

You should use a Tripod

Tripod is actually the most important thing to get a perfect looking Time Lapse. Since the time lapse videos are shot for a longer period of time, a tripod will make the video steady.

There are so many mini tripods available in the for iPhone ranging from $10 to $50.

I would, however, recommend having a flexible tripod which can have more use cases since it gives more flexibility for placing your iPhone for the time lapses.

Find Something Interesting

This is actually the first thing you should be putting your focus on. You can’t take time lapses of just anything. It has got to be interesting, something which looks interesting when played faster.

Your Selected Frame should have a lot of movements

When time-lapse is played, it looks better when there is a lot of movements in the video. So make sure you have selected a frame which shows a crowd of people walking, clouds moving etc.

The Timelapse won’t look good if there hardly any movement, like, no one walking on the streets (the street time lapse won’t look good), a cloudy day (you won’t notice any cloud movements).

Add interesting music to it. 

Music can add magic to a time lapse, it helps you get a mood for the time lapse, you can put any music to it, but if you are looking to publish it anywhere, You should check out these copyright free music recourses.

You can use iMovie app for adding music to it and posting it on Social Media. 

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