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Lumen 5 helps you create social media videos super fast

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If you haven’t already noticed, our favourite social media channels have been showing us more and more videos,

It is because videos are more engaging than an image, and with the increase in the internet speed and usage, people are watching more and more videos on a variety of different topics.

If you are an influencer, or you own a brand, and you want to increase your social media following, creating videos for your social media profiles is one of the key element to grow.

Now, just the word about creating videos can make some people pretty nervous, because it is a completely different skill set, requires a lot of patience, creativity and knowledge about the software you want to use for creating videos.

Thankfully, there are software available that will help you create social media videos faster.

Though, you can check out these video editors which can be pretty helpful in creating short videos, here is a specialised web app that can make the process of creating videos superfast.

I’m talking about Lumen5, which is specifically created for this particular purpose.

Initially, it started off as a simple web tool to create slide shows with text and music, something you may have watched a lot from popular websites like BuzzFeed.

It now has added more and more features over time and now you can upload your own clips to mix it up with the available photos and videos on the website.

It has also partnered with variety of stock photo services so that you can get a subscription of any such royalty free photos website and use photos directly inside Lumen5 to create stunning videos.

Automatically create stunning videos out of your blog posts

One of the key features that will allow you to automatically create videos out of your blog posts.

You simply have to put in the URL of a particular blog post and it will grab all the images and text from the article.

It will automatically try to mix it up with the images and the text, but will also give you the option to choose which text you want to keep to make a short and compelling video.

With this automatic tool, you can create a video in less than 15 minutes, and creating the same video in any native video editing software can take you somewhere from one hour to several hours.

The free plan doesn’t allow you to Export videos in high definition, but the maximum possible quality of export in the free version is good enough to be viewed on a mobile phone screen.

The free version lets you try this service without having to spend anything, if you think this can be really helpful for you, you can go ahead and purchase the monthly subscription plan, which gives you more benefits in addition to exporting the videos in high definition.

Check out this video that we created and shared on our Facebook page, it took us less than 15 minutes to do it, it’s not best of the quality but considering the time we spent on this video it’s a tool worth trying.



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