How to Delete Duplicate Photos (& Other Files) on Your Windows PC

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In the age of social media, we tend to get the same MEMES, Jokes, and photos again and again, which may end up filing our computer hard disk.

If you do not do clean it up on a regular basis this Trash is going to occupy a lot of space of your computer.

If this happens on Android, you can always take help of the Files Go app from Google that will let you find out duplicate images and delete them in a single tap.

But if you want to do the same thing in Windows.

Here are a few apps that can be really helpful.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is an amazing app that lets you keep your computer free from useless temporary internet files cookies and all kind of stuff that can pile up to become gigabytes of data.

But, one of the features of CCleaner is, an inbuilt duplicate file finder, which can be used to find duplicate images on your Windows PC.,

You can select the file type the folder in a different kind of metrics to do a search on your PC to find duplicate files.

It’s quite an easy and efficient way to delete duplicate photos that are going to be of no use

Download CC Cleaner Free Version

2. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

The awesome duplicate photo finder is also one of the efficient apps available for Windows.

It does an impressive job of finding similar photos and give you the option to delete them all at once.

Download CC Cleaner Free Version

3. Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder

This tiny little utility ways to find similar images based on the format, size of the image, and the name.

What cool is it gives you dissimilarity of two images so that you can decide whether to delete ok keep them.

It will also mark the smaller images with resolution as a duplicate.

Get this utility for Windows

How to Delete Duplicate Photos (or other files) on Your Mac

While Ccleaner is available for Mac as well, but the Mac version doesn’t have the File Finder option.

And other apps are exclusively for Windows.

For Mac, you can try Dupeguru app, which is a free utility for finding and removing duplicate files.

Download CC Cleaner Free Version

10 Apps You Should Install on Your Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

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