Accidentally deleted files on your computer ? Here’s how to get them back

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I have written a lot of articles related to data recovery from the computer I still get a lot of questions regarding how to recover files that were accidentally deleted on a computer.

Before going further, let me give you an essential tip, that you might not be following already.

If you are on a Windows computer, and when you delete a file, it goes in the Recycle Bin, and when you delete a file by keeping the Shift key pressed, it gets deleted forever, which means it does not land in recycle bin.

It is something that I used to do a lot in the past, but I stop doing it, and I recommend everyone not to do it and use the delete function, to delete the file.

This way you have a grace period to recover the files from the recycle bin, in case you deleted a file accidentally, you can go to the recycle bin folder and retrieve it.

Assuming you do that and have also cleared recycle bin and looking for a way to get your files back, let’s continue further to know how we can do that.

Although the chances of getting the files back once deleted from the Recycle Bin are pretty minimum. However, you can still try your luck using some data recovery software.

You can try this freeware from Easus, which is an All-in-One free data recovery software for different data loss situations.

Like I said in the article above emptying the recycle bin is one of the reasons many people start panicking when they find out they have lost something essential. The freeware promises to get those file, and there is no harm in trying.

Never lose A final again

If you are worried about the important files related to your work I would highly recommend you start following a system that keeps a backup of everything so that you do not have to worry about deleting something accidentally.

There are cloud storage services such as Dropbox in Google drive, which offer as much as 15 GB storage for free.

Install their app on your computer, select the folders you want to backup, and everything is done in the background.

The great thing is, even if the file gets deleted from your system, it remains in the bin on Google service for as long as 15 days. Which I think is sufficient time to find out if you have lost something and then look it up Google Drive recycle bin. You can read this article to know how it works.

This is one of the essential systems I would advise you to follow which doesn’t require any subscription. And since it does not require you to anyone can follow this system of keeping the files backed up in Google Drive.

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