Disable Touch Controls on Mobile While Playing Videos, Games or Any App Kids Use

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Being a parent I am well aware how difficult it is to keep your phone out of reach of your children. They often demand your smartphone for their leisure activities, which more important than your important activities.

There is no harm in letting them use your smartphone if you follow certain measures like limiting access to a few apps and keep the Financially related apps out of their reach.

There is just one problem I have been facing lately and I am sure you can relate to it if you are a parent yourself.

My one-year-old Son has now started enjoying those Poems on YouTube and demands to hand him over my phone with his favourite ‘Humpty Dumpty’ music playing.

However, there is one problem. Which is, he keeps touching the phone, which puts the app in the Background and shows the home screen, or any recent app, if the recent button was touched.

Now 1 year old is quite difficult to train how to use a Mobile phone, heck we are still to train him for Potty.

So, Here is a solution,

An app called  Touch Lock, which solves the problem by disabling the touch controls whenever you want.

The good thing about this app is that you can manually enable it over any app, not just YouTube.

The app only required the Permissions to draw over apps and can be enabled from the Notification area once it is given the permission.

After it is enabled, Touch controls on the screen are disabled, and even the Buttons won’t work. To disable the Touch Lock, you have to double tap at a particular spot, which I am sure the Kids won’t be able to do.

THis app is quite a time saver for me and the Kid as well since he doesn’t get interrupted while watching his Poem and I don;t get irritated by opening it for him multiple times.

Not just for Kids, It’s Useful for Everyone

Disable the Touch Controls at times is the need for not just Kids but Adults as well, it’s a feature that should be built into the phone.

In fact, some phone already offers the feature on their custom Skins on Android. I use this feature while watching a Movie because my Earphone wire magically switches the app everytime it touches the screen.

You may also find this useful even if you are not a parent and have no kids around to ruin your smartphone’s home screen icons.

➤ Install from Play Store

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