Download Parallel Space APK for Android – Run Multiple Instances of an App

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If you have ever wanted to use two different WhatsApp accounts on your mobile phone or maybe two different Instagram accounts, it is possible through a fantastic app called Parallel Space.

Mostly all the popular apps allow you to use multiple accounts in one app. For example, Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter.

Use two different WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile

WhatsApp is the only app that does not allow you to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone, even if your smartphone is a dual sim enabled mobile.

Android Smartphone manufacturers have taken inspiration from the Parallel Space app. They have added this functionality of cloning one app, so that you can use multiple instances of a single app on your mobile phone.

For example, Xiaomi’s MIUI allows you to use multiple instances of an app with a feature called dual app. Similarly, the ZenUI from ASUS offers similar functionality.

But if you are using Android smartphone with different OS, that does not offer the dual app feature, you can use third party apps to create multiple instances of an app. One such app is Parallel Space.

You can also use single WhatsApp on two mobile phones. And now WhatsApp’s new feature allows you to use WhatsApp independently. Which mean, you can use the same WhatsApp number on second mobile phone without having the internet connected to the primary mobile all the time.

Different use cases of parallel space app

Not just WhatsApp, Creating multiple instances of a single app can be useful in many scenarios. One 1us case is to use two OLX accounts. The free account on OLX allows you to to post only two ads at a time, to post more than 2 ads, you have to pay OLX.

But there is a workaround, where you can post 4 ads by using two OLX account on a single mobile. And since most people use Dual SIM smartphones with two mobile numbers, it’s not too tough for them to create two OLX accounts.

Install parallel space from Play Store

The good thing is that the parallel space app is available in the Playstore, which is the safest way to install an app on your Android mobile.

You can follow the link mentioned below to install it from the Play Store.

Install parallel space from Play Store

If, for some reason, if you do not get the option to install it from the Playstore, and you want to download the apk version of Android app, you can do so from APK Mirror, which is one of the trusted websites outside of the Play Store that hosts APK price of popular Android apps.

Download Parallel Space APK from APK Mirror

Scroll down on the page to find the latest listing of The parallel space APK and download it.

Check out this article to know which one is better, App cloner vs The Parallel Space App

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