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If you have gotten tired of posting a piece of text on Facebook or Twitter and are interested in writing long-form content that you can share with everybody else, Tumblr is one of the best platforms for blogging.

One good reason for using Tumblr over other blogging platforms is its mobile app, which is far better than any other blogging platform.

Posting only text can get boring. So, Tumblr has many other features where you can share Photos, Links, GIFs, or even Embed other media to share with others.

In short, Tumblr has a different fanbase – Tumblr users will be able to understand this phrase.

In this article, we are talking about a pro tip that can make managing your posts on Tumblr easier.

It’s called Mass Post Editor, which is built right into Tumblr and to use it, you need to switch to the computer because it is not available in the mobile app.

Mass post editor allows you to select multiple posts on Tumblr and add tags to them or delete them altogether.

How to access mass post editor on Tumblr?

To use the mast post editor in Tumblr, you need to log into your Tumblr account and then select the blog (if you have multiple blogs) you want to edit the posts.

Once you are there, you will notice Mass Post Editor in the right sidebar at the bottom.

Clicking on it will take you to the next page, where you can select all the published, draft, or posts you have queued.

By default, it will show all the published posts, and you can select the post you want to edit by clicking on them.

Then you will find options like edit post, add a post, and delete on the top right-hand side. Tags are a constructive and easy way to organize posts on a particular topic.

Such as if you are taking a personal challenge, like, getting up early. You write about it on Tumblr. You can tag every post relating to it with a particular term like #GetUpEarly or something like that so that if you have to share it with someone in future, you can share the URL with that specific tag.

It can also be beneficial in other scenarios, as tags are searchable within Tumblr, so it can help you gain followers on Tumblr itself.

Add more functionality to the Mass Post Editor

By default, the Mass Post Editor is pretty basic, and you can do a few things, such as adding or editing tags or deleting the post.

But if you install a Chrome extension called XKit, which is available for both Chrome as well as Firefox, it will enhance the features of mass post editor on Tumblr.

Once you install the Chrome extension, you will find an additional icon in the navigation bar Tumblr, added by the XKit extension.

Clicking on it will open a popup window, showing you several options added by the extension. Then you have to click on ‘Get Extensions’, the second from the left in the bottom row, and then scroll down to find Mass+, an enhancement extension for the mass post editor.

Once installed, you can open the Mass Post Editor or refresh it if you have already opened it. You will find an additional row added to the navigation bar on the top, which will give you the option to auto-select the first 100 posts, deselect them, and sort the post according to their format, such as a Photo, a Video, Text post, a Question, etc.

It is helpful if you have a lot of posts and want to sort them according to the format so that you can add or remove tags from them.

The XKit brings more functionality to the Tumblr account, and you can also check out other features.

I hope you find this helpful article. You can read more text guides on the blog.

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