Is it Necessary to Always Update Apps on Your Android Phone?

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If you set up your smartphone for the first time, your settings are always set to notify you about an update available for an app and even automatically download it when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Which means you don’t really have to think a lot about it if you have a Wi-Fi connection at your Home or Office and you keep your phone connected to it. Because it will automatically download updates for the installed apps on your mobile.

But the question is,

Is it really essential to always update the Android apps on your phone?

While it is a good practice to keep your apps updated, not all the updates available for an app are useful to you.

Let’s answer this question in detail, you can read it below.

If you have added a Google account on your Android, which I am sure you have, you are automatically signed into Google account in the Google Play Store. And by default, you will be notified about every update available for the installed apps.

Along with the notification for the update available, the developers of the app have also got the option to give details regarding what the update is about.

Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

Some apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, etc, will be bringing updates to fix bugs and make their coding efficient so that their apps perform better.

But most of the time, they don’t make much difference in the performance of the app on your mobile phone.

Sometimes an app will through an update it for language support, or, or fixing a bug on a particular Android smartphone model.

Updates like these are not important if you do not have that particular Android smartphone model or we do not use that particular language.

New Features Added to the Apps

Then also, there are apps which through updates that bring new features to their apps, such as, WhatsApp brings a new feature in almost every update.

Updates are a way for a developer to make changes to their apps sometimes it is about fixing something, adding a new feature or completely changing the look of the app.

Security Patches

Security is a major concern of the users because the apps you use on your smartphone have got your personal data so it is important that the app is secure.

When you update an app it makes sure that at the developer has worked on fixing any vulnerability we have detected. But again it is very rare for that to happen, especially if you are using apps from official sources.

What should you really do?

I would advise you to turn automatic updates for apps off on your mobile phone. And check for the updates manually every week or fortnight.

This practice will not only save data that can be used for other things, but it will also put less strain on your mobile phone.

Here is an article showing you how you can disable Automatic app updates on Android mobile.

I hope you find this article useful you can read more useful tech-related articles on our blog.

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