How to Force Quit Mac Apps on Mac: Easily Close Frozen Apps

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Mac might be the best operating system for Mac computers, but you can still find yourself in situations where an app just stops responding.

This can be quite irritating especially when you are in the middle of important work. In this article, we will learn how you can force quit Apps when in the freeze or become unresponsive.

There are several methods that you can follow to force quit an unresponsive App in Mac.

Method 1

This method is the easiest one, requires you to click on a few options and you are done.

Click on the Apple icon on the top left-hand side on your Monitor screen. Clicking the icon will open a few options, you will find Force Quit option in the middle, you have to click on it.

Once you click on it, another box will appear showing you the number of apps that are currently open, you can select the app you want to Force Close, (it will have ‘Not Responding’ written in front of it) and then click on the force quit button.

Method 2

Alternatively, you can also force close an app using the keyboard shortcut, it’s Command + Option + Esc.

Pressing this keyboard shortcut, it will open the Force Quit dialogue box, you will have to select the app you want to force quit, the unresponsive app would have, ‘Not Responding’ written in front of it.

You can highlight and then click on the Force Quit button.

These two are the most common in the easiest method you can use to Force Quit an App in Mac however there are other methods as well which are mentioned below.

Method 3

Force quit an app using the Activity Monitor, you can open it using the spotlight, which is a magnifying glass icon that appears on the right-hand side of your monitor screen.

Type activity monitors and clicks it from the result. Activity monitor is a helpful utility that gives you all the details of all the processes that are running on your Mac machine.

It will list out all the applications and processes in the left column, simply find the app you want to force quit, then click on the ‘Quit Process’ button that appears on the top left-hand side of the window.

Method 4.

You can also force quit an app by right-clicking on its icon which would appear in the Dock area.

Find the app icon in the Dock, right-click on it to find the ‘Quit’ option, you can then press and hold the Option key on your keyboard, which will turn the Quit option to Force Quit, you can then click on it to force quit the app.

So, these were a few methods you can use to force quit an unresponsive app.

How to Force Quit Mac?

If you are looking for every to force quit your Mac, it is also fairly easy to do it. If you are mad becomes unresponsive and you cannot move your cursor using the Touchpad for the mouse the only option you have left a long press the power button on the keyboard for a few seconds until your Macbook completely shuts down.

You can press the power button once again to power it on.

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