Google Home Mini Review – It Definitely Can Find A Place in Your Office, Living Room, or Kitchen

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I just realized that I have been using Google Home Mini for the last several months, but I haven’t reviewed it yet. So here we go.

Google Home Mini is the smaller younger brother of Google home, which is a little larger speaker with a larger price tag. This one, the Google Home Mini, is priced at around $50, which is rupees 2500 in India, is capable of doing pretty much everything its big brother can do.

Using Google Home Mini is a smart choice even if you want the most prominent speakers for listening to songs since you can connect any MI speaker to Google Home Mini via Bluetooth.

I have connected my old speaker, which I had converted into Bluetooth speakers, with Google Home Mini, and it plays the songs on the biggest speaker every time I ask Google Home Mini to play songs.

How usable is Google Home Mini

And I don’t ask Google Home Mini to play Just songs but a lot of other questions also. On average, I do a lot of searches both for work and for personal usage, and the Google Home Mini help me do it faster.

I have kept it on my work table so I can ask it questions to get answers quickly without having to type anything on my computer or having to read my smartphone.

When I got this first I used it heavily like crazy for the first few weeks I kept asking about weather conditions outside about the conversions of currency about the capital of countries Prime Minister and presidents of nations, even play games.

But after a few weeks, my usage dropped, and now I only use it to set reminders that I want to do later in the day or setting timers, but I still find myself using it for what purpose a lot.

And not just a disease, children can also so make the best use of Google Home Mini. My elder one has learnt how to use it and how to utilize it, from Asking the spellings of difficult words to finding the capital of States, aur simple mathematical calculations, it can be beneficial for kids.

Mild one asks some silly questions, and more than 90% of the time, Google has an answer for it, and sometimes I feel blessed that I have Google with me to take on the silly questions thrown by my seven-year-old kid.

Google assistant on mobile phone vs Google Home Mini

Now I was also skeptical about buying separate hardware to use google assistant. It is built into every Android smartphone out of the box, so why would you need separate hardware?

Well, there can be several use cases for it. For example, when my phone is not with me and is on the table, and if I ever see the command to wake up Google Assistant, it asks me to get up, up pick the smartphone and lock it and then ask the question which kind of defeats the purpose, I want the answer without picking my phone.

Google Home mini, on the other hand, will answer your question no matter how far you are in the room. The microphones on the Google Home Mini are sensitive that can get triggered from a distance.

Google assistant on my mobile phone works hand in hand with Google Home Mini, I ask Google Home Mini to set a reminder, and I get the notification on my mobile phone if I am away. And Google Home Mini is more than just Google Assistant answering your questions.

Smart capabilities of Google Home Mini

You can turn your entire home into a Smart Home by Linking a variety of smart products. Although I don’t use it much. I only have got a smart bulb for the demo, which is in my office.

I can ask Google to turn it off, and it gets turned off instantly, but it is point because all the other lights in my office are manual, which is just two steps away from me so I can walk and switch them off.

But making them smart is easy. There are sockets and plugs available on Amazon, which can convert any regular electronics into intelligent electronics.

For example, you can get a smart socket that you can plug into the wall socket and then turn your regular coffee machine into an intelligent coffee machine, which will automatically get turned on at 5:00 a.m.

Or you can ask Google to turn it on whenever you need it. A similar thing that can be done for our AC is, or TV is, or Geysers as well.
There are thousands of things that can be linked with Google Home Mini and can be controlled by it.

Is it worth buy?

I can see it being fit in our daily lives. You can put it on your desk you can put it in a kitchen you can put it in a living room, I think it can fit everywhere as long as you have curious questions that you want answers of.

And yes, it does have a physical mute button in case you want some privacy and do not trust Google, not listening to your conversation.

I keep it turned on all the time Since we are at a point where Google knows almost everything about us, and I stopped caring.

You can get it from Flipkart in India, or you can directly get it from the Google Store.

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