iPhone 12 Pro Max After One Year – Long Term Review

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I think I missed writing the short term review of this phone. So, I have got a lot to talk about. In place of that, I have written two articles about it, and one where I wrote about my experience of switching to an iPhone after using android for ten years.

Another article revolves around how I use my iPhone 12 Pro Max for writing long-form content; most of it gets published on this website.

While both the articles give you some idea about how excellent this smartphone is, I still wanted to write a few more things that I discovered after using it for more than one year.

iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2022?

The great thing about iPhones is their software. Apple makes sure that iv infusion narration old iPhones get the latest updates of iOS. Here is a list of iPhones for which the latest update of ios 15.4 was supported. The oldest iPhone on the list is the iPhone 6S, launched on September 25, 2015, approximately seven years.

Not saying it makes sense to buy iPhone 6S in 2022 because although the latest software update from apple is supported, the hardware lags behind the technology we have witnessed in recent years.

So, the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max are just one year old, which has the hardware that is still great in 2022.

But, among the iPhone 12 series of smartphones, the iPhone 12 Pro Max gets the highest score because of the Camera’s improvement, larger Battery, and a more prominent display.

Purchasing iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2022 is still cool, but whether you should buy it, I will let you know at the end of this article.

iPhone 12 Pro Max as a Daily Driver

The iPhone Pro Max series is the bulkiest iPhone. At 228 grams, it is heavier than the 164 gram iPhone 12 or the 189 gram iPhone 12 Pro. Plus, you will also be adding a case to your smartphone, which will add another 25-30 grams to the weight.

And it is not just the weight of the smartphone; 6.7-inch feels too big even though the iPhone 12 is 6.1-inch.

If you have been using smartphones in the 6-inch size range, handling a smartphone in this bag is tough. But it only bothers you for the first few weeks. After that, you get used to it, especially when you get such a big screen and a great battery life compared to the iPhone 12.

I mean, I have to charge my smartphone just once a day. Sometimes it lasts one and half days, and the ‘Battery Saver’ option on the iPhone is so good that even 10% of your Battery will stay you have a day if you enable it.

iPhone 12 Pro Max as a Camera

My main reason for buying this smartphone was its Camera. Happel differentiated the iPhone 12 Pro Max from iPhone 12 pro by adding enhanced hardware to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple added in-body stabilization to enhance the stabilization capabilities compared to the optical image stabilization feature on iPhone 12 pro.

However, this year’s iPhone 13 also gets similar hardware. So, there is no difference between the Pro and Pro Max series now.

I have used all three lenses on iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone and features like the night mode and the portrait mode. Along with recording videos for social media.

Below are a few sample photos that I have taken from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which give you a little idea about how great the camera is for taking pictures.

My Long Term Usage of iPhone 12 Pro Max

I bought the smartphone used for its cameras, videos, and photos. I also enjoyed the extended battery life this smartphone offers. It was a relief after using iPhone X and getting disappointed just after a few months because of its pathetic battery life.

iOS is almost perfect, and the fact that both software and hardware are created by apple, the integration is seamless. The smartphone hasn’t frozen even once during one year of usage.

Since I am also an occasional Youtube Vlogger, I carry a digital camera with me most of the time. I currently have Sony ZV1, which is a small pocket friendly camera. But since the day I got iPhone 12 Pro Max, I have been amazed at the video capabilities of this smartphone, and it is pretty much at par with my Sony ZV1 point and shoot camera.

iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Ideally, there shouldn’t be a comparison between a pro and a Pro Max series. But the comparison here is because of the similarities in the battery life and now that the camera hardware is the same even in the pro series.

The only benefit of getting an iPhone 12 Pro Max over an iPhone 13 Pro is a larger display and a slightly lower price. The price isn’t a significant factor when the iPhone 13 pro details approximately $999 while the iPhone 12 Pro Max retails for roughly $980.

So, it boils down to just a large display and a tiny bulky smartphone in your pocket. However, the iPhone 13 Pro is just 24 grams lighter than the iPhone 12 Pro Max because a slightly larger battery has been added to iPhone 13 Pro than the iPhone 12 Pro. Physically the Battery is bigger on iPhone 12 Pro Max, and battery optimization on iPhone 13 pro makes the battery backup time pretty much at par.

If I were you, I would have bought iPhone 13 Pro if I did not have a great deal on iPhone 12 Pro Max, if the price difference had been somewhere around $100 – $150. But since I already own iPhone 12 Pro Max there isn’t any significant factor to get the iphone 13 Pro, so maybe I’ll skip this generation and wait for the iPhone 14 Pro

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