5 Hidden Features on Google Maps You Need to Know

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Among the many applications available in the market today, Google Maps stands out as one of the most preferred navigating apps.

Besides its user-friendly layout, comprehensive map, and inclusive functions, the app provides further ease for its users.

For example, more than showing the way to one place, Google Maps also provides its users with several transportation options and even detailed information about their destination.

Even with the many features so widely used, there are still some that the majority have yet to know.

Curious to know what more this award-winning navigating app can do? Look no further as here we have concluded some of Google Maps’ hidden features you need to start using; let’s check them out!

Park anywhere and let Google Maps do the remembering

True to its navigating nature, you can now ask Google Maps to guide you to your parking spot with the Save Parking feature.

Simply open Google Maps on your beloved phone, press and hold the blue location dot, then pick the Save Parking option from the list. You can now stop taking pictures of your parking spaces and use your phone’s memory to store recordings of your fun day instead!

Make your virtual car your own

If you often use Google Maps as you drive, then this one is for you. Instead of being content with the default navigation arrow to represent you on the map, you can change it to fit your car type (or just simply your mood). 

After you open Google Maps on your favorite smartphone, all you have to do is add in your destination point, hit start direction, and click on the navigation arrow icon.

Then, a pop-up menu will appear with four options you can choose from; Google’s iconic Street View car, a sedan, a pick-up truck, and an SUV. Whatever your choice, you can now enjoy a more fun and personalized trip with only three simple clicks.

Get on #TBT with Google Street View

First introduced in 2007, Google Street View is a feature that allows you to experience the actual view of any street in the world.

Moreover, these street views are constantly updated, thanks to the daily round that its signature Street View cars make and the submissions from its users.

Having said that, more than providing you with the most current street layout, it also allows you to take a walk down memory lane.

As its older street-view versions are never truly deleted, you can always go back in time and see how things were back then.

Simply head on to Google Street View’s desktop version, pick a location, and click the clock icon on the box at the top-left corner of your screen. Afterward, simply pick a version you want to see and reminisce away!

Onboard the last choo-choo of the day, any day

While getting around with public transportation is ideal for your daily expenses, figuring out its route and schedule for the first time can be a bit frustrating.

As an all-in-one navigating app, Google Maps has been in the lead in figuring out public transportation around the world and making it truly accessible for everyone.

Besides giving detailed directions using various modes of public transportation, you can now also check its availability throughout the day. So, the next time you need to go home late and take the train, you only need to enter your starting and destination point, set the leaving time to ‘Last,’ and start planning your commute back home.

Experience magic in every drive

There’s always something oddly magical about music and its ability to instantly lift your mood. Furthermore, there’s nothing like going on a drive with your favorite jams on at maximum volume (especially if you’re stuck in traffic).

On top of its precise live traffic reports, you can now also enjoy said magic music possessed through Google Maps’ mobile app.

Simply load your Google Maps app, head to its main menu on the top-right corner, pick settings, and then choose navigation. After that, click on the music playback control and choose your preferred music application to link with Google Maps.

Thanks to the rapid technological advancement happening across all industries, getting around and exploring our surroundings has never been easier.

Despite so, make sure to be flexible as you use a navigating app and consider the signs you directly see on the road. Drive safe!

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