How Much Money do Indian Youtubers Make?

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In this article we talked about how much money Indian YouTubers make, well there is no exact figure because revenue depends on a number of factors and not just location, but we can still broadly talk about the gross numbers here.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website on the internet, and it is also the second most popular search engine next to Google.

They can be many motivations for a youtube to make videos for the platform, one of those motivational is money. Yes, YouTube does pay money to the Publishers, though, it has got strict as to which YouTube creators can enjoy the monetization feature.

YouTube in India has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years, thanks to the affordable internet made available by Reliance jio and other mobile operators.

Not just content consumers but content creators have also increased in number in the country.

The growth has been so huge in that India has seen more YouTube creators hitting a Million Subscribers mark in the last year than any other country.

These YouTubers get millions of views on their videos, but when it comes to money it’s not much in comparison to youtube from other countries especially the US.

How much money do Indian YouTubers Make?

While the revenue per thousand views can go as high as $10 for the video getting viewed in the US, it is as low as 10 cents per 1000 views coming from India.

And such less amount is not in the hands of creators, Soch low number is because the ad rates in India are less in comparison to the US.

How does Ad Revenue work on YouTube?

You might have seen ads appearing before the start of a video, in some cases, these ads can be skipped, while in some cases these are short enough that it doesn’t require to skip them.

Apart from this video ad you might have noticed banner ads on YouTube as well, these are different types of Ads that appear on a video.

Eligible YouTube creators get the ability to put ads on the videos. These ads come from Google AdSense which is a product of Google for Publishers to distribute ads which comes from advertisers who can manage their campaigns in AdWords, another product from Google for the advertisers.

So in AdWords, there are a lot of advertisers who are willing to pay money for putting their ads in front of videos aligned with their brand, they have the option to choose what type of videos they want, what topic of the videos, what region the video is being played, and the type of Ads they want to put

To make their system healthy and balanced, the advertisers compete for Ad space by bidding on them.

So, if Advertiser A bids 11 cents against the 10 cents bid by the advertiser B, the Advertiser A would win the bid and his ads would appear on the video.

Unfortunately, the bids for videos playing in India are quite low, it may vary in different categories of videos but mostly all the videos that play in India and other developing countries will make less money.

So the next time if you happen to see a youtube getting a lot of views you can do the following calculation

*Total number of views / 1000 views * 10 cents

This will give you a rough estimate of what Youtuber might be making.

The ads payment is done on a monthly basis, so the calculation is usually done for the number of views gained in a month.

Now you don’t have to go ahead and calculate the number of views the YouTuber has got on their videos manually. Websites like can help you find monthly views for a channel, the channel views are mostly accurate so once you get the number of views per month you can use the above calculation.

For Example: Check out the monthly video views for a Food Channel

Ads are not the only way to make money on YouTube

Just like any other publisher, YouTube creators can also make money in several ways.

Affiliate Marketing

Most of the Youtubers Who review products on the channel can make money by doing affiliate marketing, which is putting the affiliate link in the description of the product the review or talks about in the videos.

You may have seen a lot of YouTubers putting the link of their gears in the description.

The links are, usually, affiliate links to the products that you can buy online and the YouTubers get a Commission out of it.

And the revenue from affiliate marketing is much more generous than the money that comes from advertisements.

So, if a YouTuber does product reviews or talks about products and he is not making a lot of money from Ads, as per your calculation mentioned above, he might be making much more with affiliate marketing.

Selling Merchandise

The Other method that has gone quite popular of lately is creating merchandise revolving around your YouTube channel or brand and selling it. A lot of YouTubers have been doing this off lately and have actually been successful at it

The Merchandise can be anything from a t-shirt to a coffee mug do a friendship band to a line up of products.

Some other ways

If I have to generalize the whole concept of making money on YouTube it can be simply put like this.

When you have a number of people engaged with watching your videos and connecting with you. You can leverage it by making your viewers take action directly or indirectly.

A Brand will pay you to use your engagement to get their message to the consumers.

Which brand? It will depend on the type of videos you make.

We often write about YouTube creators and YouTube trips and tricks every once in a while you can check out more articles about YouTube creators here.

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