How to Get Rid of Duplicate Files and Photos created in WhatsApp

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If you use instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc, you may have been sharing a lot of photos and files with your friends and family.

While messaging services like these do make life easy, it also makes your smartphones a mess because of the duplicated files that are created when you start sending the same photo or a file to many individuals and groups.

The more groups and individuals you sent to the photos and files to the more duplicated versions of the file and photos are generated on your smartphone, resulting in a lot of trash data that fills up your smartphone and slows it down.

And while it is quite easier to get rid of all the trash data in a single click by deleting all of them, you may want to take a step back and delete only the duplicated files, so that you do not lose the original one and have at least a single copy of the files that you delete.

This is where the latest features of WhatsApp come in handy.

Delete Duplicate Files in WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows you to manage your data by letting you delete Images, Videos and Messages from a particular individual or group chats.

You can choose to delete Photos and Videos that take the maximum storage on your Mobile phones. It can be the groups where you are certain that no important Images or Videos are there so that you can clear the group in a single tap.

Delete Duplicate Files using Google Files Go

If it’s not just WhatsApp and other messaging apps as well, that are creating the duplicated mess, you can take advantage of the unique feature of the Google Files Go app.

One of its feature is to find out on the duplicated files and images on your mobile phone and let you choose which one to delete and which one to keep.

It is not as automated as it should be, but it is still a great option for getting rid of duplicated files on your mobile phone.

Delete duplicate it files using duplicate file remover

If you want a dedicated option here is a dedicated app called duplicate file remover, its job is, as the name suggests, to delete duplicate id file.

Install the app from the Play Store

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