Notify your contacts when you change your number in WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has rolled out a new update which has made the process of switching numbers in WhatsApp a lot easier.

Earlier when you had to change the number in WhatsApp only the groups you are a part of 1 notified of the change of number but the personal contacts couldn’t know about the change.

With this new rolled out update WhatsApp GIF the ability to automatically text all your contacts whenever you switch your number in WhatsApp

Note: In order this to work make sure you are on the latest version of WhatsApp, if you are not a beta tester, you can go to this link and click on become a beta tester button.

How to Notify Contacts When Changing the Number in WhatsApp

Once your WhatsApp is updated you can go to the Accounts section in the settings, and then tap on change number option.

You will be asked to input the new number, and then you will have to verify it ensuring that it’s active and its own by you.

Once you tap on ok, you will get a toggle button that will allow you to notify all your contacts, once you have enabled it you will further get options to either

  • notify all your contacts,
  • all the contacts you have chatted with, or
  • any particular contact.

Other ways to notify your contacts about that number change

We welcome the new feature by WhatsApp, however, we have some of our own tips, regarding notifying your contacts about the number change in WhatsApp, that we would like to mention here

Put a status update before changing the number
When you change the number the status of these he is want to be visible to your friends if the new number is not saved in their contact list, so you can post a status update a day ahead of changing the number so that people in your close circle can know that you are changing the number.

Put your new number in the about section

When WhatsApp brought the new status update feature, It moved the plain text-based status update and called it about section. You can utilize the about section and put your new number so that anyone who is confused why you are not replying to their messages, they can know that you have changed the number.

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