Google Assistant Also Gets the Dark Mode Theme in Android

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It seems that it creates for Dark Mode is still going to be there in the year 2019.

After seeing the Dark Mode in YouTube, Google Chrome, messages, and some other apps, Google is bringing the Dark Mode to Google Assistant as well.

Google has started rolling out the new design of the Google Assistant which also includes a Dark Mode, here are few screenshots of the new design of Google assistant.

After Google released reports saying that the Dark Mode is helpful in conserving the battery, it has been rolling out Dark Mode feature in almost every app.

In fact, Google’s next OS in the Android Q is going to see a system-wide Dark Mode, which will enable Dark Mode in almost every corner of the Android OS with just a single toggle button.

Apart from Google, there are other companies that are also keen on introducing a Dark Mode into their apps, the popular productivity app Evernote is one of them.

And even Twitter is planning to roll out a truly Dark Mode to its app.

WhatsApp would also be bringing a Dark Mode theme, although you can still enable Dark Mode for WhatsApp by following this article.

How is Dark Mode helpful to the user?

Although Google screen of Dark Mode conserving battery is partially true, as only OLED panels would be making a difference, all other smartphones using LED panels wouldn’t really see the difference in battery performance.

However, the Dark Mode definitely puts away the strain from the eyes when you are staring at your mobile screen for a longer period of time.

Apart from all these benefits, it is good that users have got the choice to choose between a Dark Mode and Ligh mode, and choices are what makes the Android ecosystem so cool.

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