How to Post Longer Videos in WhatsApp Status

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So you want to know how you can post videos on the WhatsApp Status that are longer than the 30 seconds?

Well, stick to this article as we talk about several ways you can do it.

When the WhatsApp Feature has launched a couple of months ago, there are was a lot of criticism all over the Internet.

But slowly, people got used to it and I know see almost 20% of the people in my WhatsApp contact list posting Statuses.

Watch the Video

Now, most people would agree that WhatsApp Status is a blatant rip off of Snapchat Stories done by Facebook.

It actually first introduced it to Instagram, and later to WhatsApp. Now the stories are everywhere on each of the Facebook’s product.

But the only difference in WhatsApp is if allows users to post videos that can be 30 seconds in length, whereas the video limit is just 15 seconds on other platforms.

But even the 30 seconds is not enough for the WhatsApp users.

And I kind of agree to it, the Status allows the WhatsApp users imply post stuff for their friends and family to watch without having to share it individually or in a group.

So, the deal is, how can we post longer videos and bypass the 30-second limit?

Well, there are three ways to do it, and we shall talk about them one by one.

Cut the Longer Video into multiple 30 Second Clips

This trick is actually used by a lot of people, you can either do it manually or use an app.

Doing it manually is also not tough because unlike others platforms, WhatsApp allows you to choose your 30 seconds from the longer video.

you can simply post first 30 seconds, then post the 30 to 60-second clip as a 2nd status and so on.

If you don’t want to spend the time to precisely cut the video, you can use an app called WhatsCut Pro+ 

The app is available in Plat Store and lets you easily cut longer videos into smaller 30-second clips. It simply automates the process and saves a bit of your time.

Convert the video to a GIF

The 30-second limit applies to only the videos, not on photos and GIFs.

While most of the GIFs you will find on the internet will be less than 30 seconds in length, but they are in fact, videos converted into moving pictures.

So you can very well convert a longer video into a GIF as one single file.

Though there are several apps to do it, you can use GIFSop app

But one thing here to notice is that it requires a bit of patience as converting a video into a GIF takes time and since the size of a GIF is going to be bigger, it will also take time to post it.

If you are using an Android phone which has a low processor, then your phone might lag or WhatsApp might crash.

Use WhatsApp GB to Post Longer Videos in WhatsApp Status

Now, this is the least recommended method, because of several reasons,

 a) you will need to use a Modded WhatsApp, which also raises security risks, and

b) whats longer videos will only be visible to people who use also using the WhatsApp GB. 

Actually, posting longer videos as a Status is one of the features people use WhatsApp GB, there are several, but not all are mean for normal people who just want to use it as a tool of communication.

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