How to Show Recent tabs Horizontally in Chrome for Android

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There are quite a handful of browsers available for Android and mostly all of them great in fact we have put together a list of best browsers, you can check it out here.

But for the majority of us, Chrome for Android is the best browser we use on a daily basis. It has so many features that are helpful in different use cases. But there is one thing that is quite annoying in the browser.

And that is, the way Chrome for Android displays the recent tabs that you have opened in the browser, the recent tabs are stacked vertically and you have to scroll between them to choose the one you want to jump to.

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And most of us really don’t get to the app in just one tap, because the area to tap on, is too narrow. Thankfully, you can now make the recent tabs appear in a horizontal format so that he can sleep to get to the tab in a single tap.

How to enable showing recent apps in a horizontal format

The feature can be enabled from the flags.

You need to type this in the address bar of the browser
chrome://flags and tap.

Search for ‘Enable horizontal tab switcher’. You will have to enable this option and Reliance the browser for this feature to work.

Please note that this feature first appeared in Chrome Canary, which is a test field for Google to test out new features, and it is only after a few days the feature makes it to the more stable Chrome for Android app.

So if you can’t find this feature in Chrome for Android, you can install chrome Canary from Play Store which almost and behave like Chrome for Android, you will feel that you are running two instances of Google Chrome on your smartphone.

But I am very hopeful that this feature will be soon introduced to Chrome for Android, or maybe it has, at a time when you are reading this article.

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