How to Open the Desktop version of Facebook on Mobile Phone

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Are you looking to know how to open the desktop version of Facebook on a mobile phone? Check out this article to know how.

The desktop version of Facebook means the full version of the Facebook website that you open on your laptop or desktop, which you means you will have to use your mobile browser to do that.

The native Facebook app for your mobile phone is built to give you in the nice experience of using Facebook, and in some cases, it is better than accessing the desktop version of the full version of Facebook.

It is easier to –

  • Upload photos from your mobile phone,
  • Go live,
  • Check-in into a place.
  • Post Stories
  • Interact in Groups etc

But you would still be required to access the full version of the website if you want to make changes to your account.

For example, the option of linking your mobile number with your Facebook account is not available in the mobile version of Facebook.

How to open the desktop version of Facebook on mobile

Although you can use any mobile browser, I would recommend you use Google Chrome.

If you use Google Chrome on your PC, with the same Google account logged into both the devices (PC and Mobile), it will be easier for you to log in to your Facebook, if you have the Google password manager remember the password.

The mobile version of Facebook will be opened in your mobile browser, you can tap on the three dots on the top right-hand side (or maybe at the bottom right if you’ve moved the Chrome address bar to bottom)

Tapping on on it will give you a few options, you need to tap on ‘Request desktop’.

Doing that will open the desktop version of Facebook, use your login credentials to log in to Facebook, and access the settings area to view options that are not available in the Mobile version of Facebook.

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