How to Unblock Websites on Google Chrome Using Various Methods?

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There could be various reasons why a website won’t be available to you maybe it’s because the server of the website is down or it is blocked by your ISP or maybe it is not available in your country via Geoblocking or any kind of censorship.

While you can’t really do anything if the server of the website is down, you can still access the website if it is geoblocked or there is some kind of block from the ISP.

There are a few steps you can take to unblock a website in Google Chrome.

Remove the website from the restricted list on Google Chrome.

If you are not able to access a common site like Facebook or any other popular social media site, maybe it is because you have (or someone who has access to your computer) has put the website in the restricted sites list in the Google Chrome browser itself.

To remove it from there you need to click on the menu button (the three vertical dots on the top right-hand side of your browser).

Clicking it will give you few options, you need to find Settings and click on it, then scroll down, look for ‘Show advanced settings‘ and then in the network section, click on ‘Change proxy settings’

Click ‘Security tab‘ and then click ‘Restricted sites‘ icon. Click on the ‘Sites‘ option to open the restricted sites window.

Click on the blocked website from the list and then select the remove button to unblock the specific website. You can close the restricted sites window. And then try to access the website by typing the URL in the address bar.

You can follow this process to remove a restricted site if it is not opening on your browser but is opening another device on the same network.

If you are not able to find the website in the restricted sites list, then one thing is sure that the website is not blocked from the Google Chrome browser.

Unblock the website by using the HTTPS version of it

There is a possibility you can unblock a website by changing the HTTP to HTTPS. If the website does have an https connection there might be a possibility this version of the website is not blocked and you will be able to access it.

To access the https version of the website you need to open the Google Chrome browser and then type Entering this, a security message will pop up, you need to click ‘Proceed anyway‘ and access the blocked website.

Unblock the website using Google Chrome extensions

The Google Chrome web store has a number of Chrome extensions that can help you bypass the restriction and access the blocked websites.

Many Chrome extensions are a form of VPN that can be used for unblocking websites on Google Chrome.

Searching for VPN in the Chrome web store gives a couple of results for VPN Chrome extensions that you can use for unblocking a website most of these VPN Chrome extensions of a free version so that you can use them right away.

You can try these VPNs and then find the perfect one for you, and if you feel like you would be using it more often you can go for the paid version as well.

VPN, ZenMate VPN and Touch VPN are to name a few. These VPNs have got a good rating by the other users, so, you can use any of them.

Use VPN app on your PC

Like the VPN Chrome extensions available for Google Chrome for browsing unblocked websites, there are VPN apps available which you can download and install on your computer and then access any unblock content on the internet using not just Google Chrome but other browsers as well.

And if the content you are looking to access is not web-based, you can still access the blocked content if you have installed a VPN app on your system.

There are quite a number of useful VPN, but most of them are paid ones. If you want them to work it properly on a regular basis, I would suggest you go for a pro version.

A few popular VPNs are as follows

So these were few of the Ways You Can access blocked websites. However, you should know that blocking a website can mean a number of things.

Maybe it is blocked in an office or a school environment, where the administration does not want the employees or the students, to get distracted from their work or studies.

It could also mean the website is blocked by the government to prevent spreading of the propaganda against it, or the website distributes pirated and copyrighted material which against the law of the land the website is blocked in.

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