Before we get started with our list of best video editing software for Chromebook, I would like to mention if the Chromebook you have supports Play Store, and you can run Android apps on it, then all the video editing apps for Android will work for Chromebook as well.

Check out this list of best video editing apps for Android.

Best Video Editing Apps for Chromebook

If you use a Chromebook which does not support Android apps, it would mean, the only options for editing videos on Chromebook, is either to have a Chrome app or use a web app.

WeVideo – Video Editor and Maker

WeVideo is available in the Chrome web store, but it is merely and I can that will direct you to the web app. Which means it can be accessible from any platform.

If you’re looking to make videos to share on social media, which I usually heavy on the information, WeVideo can be useful. It offers a wide variety of stock video footage and images, along with sound and transitions, so you can mix up your own text along with the stock video footage in image available in the web app and create stunning videos to share on social media.

It also lets you upload your own video files and gives you up to 1GB of cloud storage, which is quite enough for a lot of people.

You obviously can’t compare it this overlap two more a traditional native apps like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, but it certainly gets the job done if you need some minor with everything and you only have got a Chromebook.

The free version will put a watermark on the video output, so, if you want to get rid of it, you need to have a subscription, the basic one will cost you around $9 per month.

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Hippo Video Editor

This Chrome app also redirects you to the website, so, like WeVideo, it is also an online based video editor.

The features it offers is also pretty much like WeVideo. You can record your screen, or yourself using the webcam, or you can also mix up photos and stock footage to create videos.

It’s basically a kind of all in one video editor. You can use this video editor for free if you don’t care about the Hippo watermark on the videos, but if you do care about it, you can sell out $30 per month to create 10 videos every month.

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Clipchamp Create

This video editor gives a Workstation like a Native Video editor to work on. You can upload the Videos, photos, and music files to the Web app and then drag them over to the timeline to create a video.

If you have to work on small videos and the footage you have are not too large, this video editor can be really helpful in making videos faster.

Since everything is done on a server, even the resource-intensive tasks like this do not affect your Chromebook.

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Kapwing Meme and Video Maker

This one is also quite an impressive web app we have covered already on the blog.

It’s UI is easy to use and quite clean as well. However, it is not your full-fledged video editor, it’s simply useful for creating short videos for Social Media usage.

Check out this article to learn more about Kapwing Meme maker.

Few other online video editors

There are few other video editors you can try. They are mostly meant for creating short visually appealing videos for sharing on Social Media.

The Spark from Adobe is one such video editor, you can early type in texts, select photos, and videos from its library or upload your own, select music and export a video. If you don’t want to get the subscription.

You can use Kizoa video editor to cut out the branding at the end of the video. It’s going to be a little tedious task but will save the monthly subscription.

The result will have Spark branding at the end of the videos if you are using the free account, else you can pay $10/month to create more professional looking videos.

I have found Spark to be a little limiting when it comes ot features and options, The Amature plan on Renderforest costs $15/month but offers much more than Adobe Spark video maker, you can also use the web app for creating explainer videos and other types of visually appealing content.


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