How to Get Unlimited Life in Candy Crush Saga Cheat Codes

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about getting unlimited spins in the Coin Master game, a lot of people started visiting it and many other queries were found on the website and it seems like Coinmaster is not the only popular game out there.

I’m talking about Candy Crush, which is a really addictive game. I have seen a few of my friends glued to their smartphone screens all the time, even if they are in a queue for 5 minutes, they take out their Smartphones and start playing the Candy Crush Saga.

The game isn’t actually about fighting someone to win it, it is an arcade game just like the Coin Master where you just have to score the highest points.

The tricky part of the game, however, is that you only get 5 lives at a time, and when you are left with 0 life, you have to wait for a certain amount of time to be able to play again.

And this is why the Candy Crush addicts wait desperately to get that time finished and get back to the game ASAP.

How to get unlimited Candy Crush Lives

The trick involved Facebook, and you need to play it on a PC so that you can open Facebook in multiple tabs with the Candy Crush game open, and make sure you have five lives when you do that.

Start playing in one tab until you finish up all your five lives, pursued and mover to the next tab and start playing again, you will be getting all these 5 extra lives in every browser tab.

How to get unlimited Candy Crush lives on your mobile device

If you play Candy Crush Saga on your mobile device which is very likely, be it an Android or iPhone, there is a way you can get unlimited lives on your mobile device as well.

Once you have finished up all the five lives you get, and the timer starts off, you can go to the settings of your mobile phone and move your clock forward to skip the waiting time.

You will find more lives in the game once you go back to the app.

Please Note: When You move your clock forward, a few services such as WhatsApp will stop working because it needs accurate time to be able to function properly, so make sure your move your clock back to the real-time.

Get unlimited lives using Facebook

This one is quite a popular method and is known to many people, you can get more lives if you invite your friends on Facebook, and when they join the game you get lives.

But it is not as simple as it sounds, people hate getting requests especially if they don’t play the game.

So what you can do is, create a temporary Facebook account using temporary emails the method we talked about in Our article about getting unlimited spins in coin master.

It was like this,

Find a service that offers temporary emails addresses, there are a bunch of them just Google it.

Open Facebook in incognito mode, and create an account using the temporary email address. When the account is created, copy your referral link and paste it into the browser.

The Candy Crush game would load, accept the invitation and you’ll get the free lives in your account.

So these were the ways you can get unlimited lives in the Candy Crush game.

I would recommend you to not get addicted to this game or any such game, because these games are meant to kill time or when you have nothing to do and are not meant to eat up your valuable and productive time.

I have seen many of my friends compromising on their sleep just to play the game and get ahead of everybody, then finally one day deleting the game from there a smartphone.

If eventually, you two are going to delete the game, which is pretty certain, I would advise you do not give much importance to it who are other important work.

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