You Can Now Delete / Unsend messages on Facebook Messenger

You will now be able to delete messages that you feel the recipient shouldn’t read on Facebook Messenger.

It is a long-awaited feature that was promised by Facebook which has now been rolled out for everyone using Facebook Messenger.

Interesting thing is that Facebook has already rolled it out for Instagram as well as WhatsApp.

This feature to delete the messages you have sent works on both messengers on the web as well as the Facebook Messenger app on Android and iOS.

How to Delete / Unsend messages on Facebook Messenger?

You have sent a message like you usually send, but for one particular message you feel like you shouldn’t have sent it, you can tap on the tree horizontal dots that appear next to your message.

Typing on it will give you the option to remove the message, and when you tap on a remote it will ask you whether you want to remove for everyone or remove for yourself.

Remove for everyone mean it will also be removed for the recipient (all recipients if you are sending it in a group).

Now that Facebook Messenger to has got this feature, Facebook’s all the three messaging Apps have got similar features available which might mean it is one step closer to Facebook’s decision to integrate all these 3 messengers so that you can communicate with each other on either of the platforms.

Whether or not this happens in 2019 is a different question, we will have to wait and watch what is going to happen in the future.

But for now, if you are a Messenger user, you can save yourself from some embarrassing situations by deleting the messages you have sent.

However, there is one thing to remember that you need to delete the message within 10 minutes of sending it.

It might be sad for some people because on WhatsApp there is a grace of a couple of hours instead of just 10 minutes.


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