6 Best Twitter apps for iPhone (Free & Paid)

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If you are a Twitter user with an iPhone, here are few best apps you can use on your device to Tweet things out.

Twitter (the Official App)

Obviously, know about it, and you might not be happy with it, this is why you are reading this article to try finding the best Twitter app for iPhone in the first place.

But I am mentioning it because it is indeed one of the best Twitter apps, mainly because it’s official, and does not have any restrictions set by the Twitter itself.

And it’s 2018, it’s gotten better with time, now supports multiple accounts, you can even sign up using your phone number, it gives you features like highlights, which will bring up important tweets you might be interested in every day, this is basically curated on your previous activities on the app.

But I get it, you might have gotten bored, or you just want to be unique and try a different app. So check out the other ones on the list.

UberSocial for Twitter

UberSocial has been there for iPhone for a while and is probably one of the best third-party Twitter apps that is available for free.

Ubersocial for Twitter makes it easy to view your timeline photos favorites with simple swipes to the left and right.

UberSocial, is Uber cool, and if you have been using the official Twitter app for a while, this is the best free app you can use for a change. Also, it does not make you miss the official app.

Echofon for Twitter

Echofon for Twitter is free (ad-supported) app you can have fun with.

Maybe you do not use everything today has to offer such as their highlight or Discovery, other filters for taking a look at who’s talking about what, Echofon can be the app you are looking for.

It’s a simple Twitter app for treating and getting the notifications for mentions and between.

If you are not much of a Twitter user and still want to keep Twitter on your phone, this app is better than the official one, which takes some good amount of space.

Twitterrific 5 for Twitter

This one is also my cute little Twitter client that you can keep on your smartphone, which is not going to take a lot of space you still gives you the option to view your timeline, mentions, messages.

Tweetbot 4 for Twitter ($4.99)

Considering that you are paying as much as $5 for the app, what you getting is, and nicely designed AP which is pleasing to the eye, and is also having interactive interface.

You can use all the gestures on your smartphone to browse through your Twitter account, explore your timeline, get to the notifications, etc.

It also makes Twitter’s one of the most underused features, a bit more useful, I am talking about the lists.

This app is totally beautiful, and works really well on the new iPhone devices, with this price, only the serious Twitter users are going to opt for it obviously.

Tweetings ($2.99)

Tweetings is nicely design app for Twitter you can use in place of the official app.

Apart from looking beautiful on the iOS device, it also offers all the features you love about Twitter.

The lists, push notification, browsing through your timeline etc.

If you are an Apple Watch user, this app also puts your twitter feed on your watch for a quick glimpse.

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