Best Ways to Download Mp3 Songs for Free for Android, iPhone or PC

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I still remember the time when I used to visit the local cyber cafe to download MP3 songs from the internet on a slow dial-up connection, it used to take hours to download just 2 MB song in a rough quality of 64 kbps.

Well, that was over a decade and a half ago, we have a fast internet connection these days, so much that to download it the 2MB song would take just a few seconds.

But, now that I am a tech blogger, I know how dangerous and unethical it is to download songs from random sources on the internet.

So I wanted to write a detailed guide to legally download MP3 music from the internet without having to worry about getting your PC infected or getting jailed.

Try the music streaming services available

Now since everyone these days have got a fast internet connection, even the mobile data is pretty fast and quite affordable as well, a lot of music streaming services have emerged in the last few years.

Most am them are on a freemium model, while others charge a monthly subscription to give you an ad-free experience to listening to your music. You can create your playlist, share it with others all follow other people’s playlist.

Check out these music streaming services available for Android and iOS.

Best sources to download MP3 music on Android

Some of the music streaming services also offer the option to download the music for offline listening. The only limitation is that you cannot chat with anyone since it plays only inside the music player of the particular music streaming service.

If you are not into music streaming services, you can check out these downloaders for Android to download MP3 song.

All the download as mentioned in the list are trustworthy in there is no threat to your device if you use them.

Best Mp3 Downloader for Android

Best sources to download music on your iPhone

Mostly the apps available for Android to download music, are also available for iPhone. Give or take some names from the list of apps available for Android and you have a list ready for the downloaders available for the iPhone.

Here you can check 6 best music downloader app for iPhone

6 Best Music Downloader App for iPhone

Best sources to download music for your PC

All the apps mentioned for Android or iPhone have got a website as well, and you can use their websites to download the music for your PC.

If it’s a song that is available only on YouTube or SoundCloud or any other streaming service where it is available to stream, you can download the MP3 file of the music by using dedicated downloading sites for the services.

Such as, for the YouTube, it could be or keepvid, and for SoundCloud, it could be

Whether this particular method of downloading music from YouTube or SoundCloud is ethical or not, would be debatable, depending on whether the artist or the uploader is the original owner or that music or whether he allows it or not.

But, you can be assured that these sources are trustworthy.

Best sources to download copyright free music for YouTube videos hot short films

If you are looking to download music that you can use a freely for YouTube videos or short films without getting a copyright claim.

I am sure you must be aware that you cannot use just any other song. It has to be copyright free, fortunately, there are various sources from where you can download copyright free music.

Here are the five best resources that we have mentioned in an article. Check it out

5 Best Sources to Find Copyright Free Music for YouTube Videos

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