How to Control Your TV Using Your Smartphone

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If you’ve got a smart TV or maybe you have converted your regular TV into a smart TV, and for some reason, the remote is not working, perhaps you can’t find it. In this article, let’s find out how you can control your TV is your smartphone.

Pretty much every smart TV manufacturer these days has got an app available for both Android and iPhone, and you can install it to control your TV.

Even if you don’t use a smart TV and it’s just a regular TV you can still control it using your mobile phone if your smartphone has got IR blaster, and if it does not have got an IR blaster, you can purchase a $20 device that can let you do so, it’s mentioned at the end of this article.

Android TV Remote

If you are using your TV to watch content from streaming services, hopefully, you can control your TV by installing the Android TV remote app on your mobile phone.

According to a report by Android police, there is over 50 million smart TV that is powered by Android. There are a lot of Smart TV manufacturers that use Android as a platform of choice for a smart TV is.

Google also offers Android TV remote, which easily let you control your Android-based Smart TV. And it has got over 10 million installs from the Play Store an equal number of install from the App Store for iPhone.

Install from Play Store

Install from App Store

I would strongly suggest you try Android TV before trying out app remote specific to your TV brand since the Android TV will give you the basic controls you need to upgrade your TV.

Remote Apps for Set-top Boxes or HDMI Sticks

If you have got a regular TV these are the ways you can turn them into a smart TV by attaching a set-top box or an HDMI stick to one of the HDMI ports on your TV.

There are different there are set-top boxes and HDMI sticks available from different brands, and you can have there are apps installed on your mobile phone so that you can control them directly from your mobile phone.

For example, if you are using a set-top box which is powered by Android, you can still use the Android TV Remote app, or if it is from Amazon, you can install the Amazon Fire TV Remote from the Play Store and the App Store, for Android and iPhone respectively.

Brand Specific TV Remote

Pretty much every smart TV manufacturer these days opts for Android TV as a platform of choice, but then there are some models from manufacturers where the platform is not certain.

And that is the case with some of the TV from Sony. If you have got a Sony TV, you can install the remote app for Sony TVs, which is available in the Play store as well as the App Store.

Sony TV Remote Apps from Play Store and App Store, for Android, and iPhone respectively.

Note: These may not be the official apps provided by the TV Manufacturers. 

Universal IR Remote Apps

There are even smartphones with IR blaster feature, which means it also works as a universal remote all you have to do is install an IR remote app from the Play Store and set up your device.

Unfortunately, smartphones these days do not come with IR blasters, which means even if you install an IR remote app on your Mobile, it wants to work.

You can solve this problem by getting an inexpensive device which has smart capabilities and also can control multiple IR based devices.

You can have it plugged-in in your room and connected to your Wi-Fi and then install the Smart Home app on your Mobile, setup IR remote for your devices, and then you will be able to control multiple devices including your TV.

Get it from Amazon India

Get from Amazon US

So, this is how you can control your TV using your mobile phone, if you have lost your TV remote or if it is not working. I hope you find this article useful you can find many other useful articles to make your Tech life easy.

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