How to Enable the Dark Mode in WhatsApp on Android

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Dark Mode is now rolled out to WhatsApp natively on Android Smartphones. You can enabled it from the settings area of the app. Find the video guide at the end of his article.

Finally, after the dark mode being introduced in YouTube and Chrome for Android, it seems now is the turn for WhatsApp.

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Reports are coming in that WhatsApp will soon roll out a dark mode.

While there is no date as to when the dark mode will be rolled out in WhatsApp, let’s talk about a workaround that will allow you to enable dark mode in WhatsApp.

If you are Xioami smartphone user with MIUI on it, you can install a black theme from the Mi Theme Store.

The one I am using right now is called Simple Black theme, and it not only turns WhatsApp dark but your home screen as well as other parts of your smartphone.

Here are a few screenshots

There may be many other Black themes available for Xiaomi smartphones, but it is the one that I am currently using, and it doesn’t suck.

If you are not a Xiaomi smartphone user, or for some reason, you do not want to use a black theme, then the other way would be to install Whatsapp Plus or WhatsApp GB, which already supports Themes.

You can use a black theme to use a dark mode in WhatsApp.

We have talked about WhatsApp GB or WhatsApp Plus, although, keep in mind that WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp plus are not official apps distributed by WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can also use a dark wallpaper in WhatsApp chats since WhatsApp allows you to upload custom wallpapers.

There are many apps in the Play Store with black wallpapers. You can simply do a Google Image search.

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What are the uses of Dark Mode

It is particularly useful if you use your smartphone at night so that the light of your smartphone does not reflect and affect your eyes.

Other than that, if you own a smartphone that has an OLED or AMOLED screen, using a black theme would also mean that you will be conserving battery.

All the lights in OLED and AMOLED Screens, for all the black areas will be turned off, which is not the case with an LCD screen.

Moreover, AMOLED or OLED screens are usually seen in flagship smartphones.

If your smartphone is not an OLED screen, you can still find the Dark Mode useful. It will give a minimalistic approach and will not cause strain in your eyes.

We have recently shared another easy workaround at using Dark Mode in WhatsApp right away.

There are apps like the Clone app, which now only allows you to clone any app on your mobile to run the second version of that app, but also offers a Dark and Golden version of WhatsApp.

It is by far the easiest way to use Dark Mode or Night Mode on WhatsApp right now. I hope these workarounds to ‘Turn On’ the Dark Mode on WhatsApp will be useful for you.

They are not perfect but, will get the job done, and we are hoping that WhatsApp will integrate the Dark Mode on WhatsApp in a better way.

How to enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp on Android

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