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In the past, we have shared numerous article talking about how you can run multiple instances of the same app on a single mobile phone.

For example, how to run two WhatsApp on a single mobile phone for how to run two Instagram accounts on the same mobile phone.

Apps like Instagram Facebook Twitter Gmail all give you the option to add multiple accounts on the same app, which makes it easy for you to manage your multiple accounts.

Even some mobile phones that offer dual sim support have now started offering the feature, where you can run two instances of the same app. But the feature is not available in every Android smartphone.

For people who want to use this feature and have it absent in their mobile phones can turn to third-party apps that easily allow you to run two instances of the same app. One such example is parallel space.

And there are a dozen of other Apps Like The parallel space, but they have got their limitations.

These apps do provide the option to add multiple accounts on a single app, but you need to have them running in the background to get notifications from the cloned app you created.

In my opinion, it kind of defeats the purpose of using two instances of the same app on a single phone. People who want to use two instaned of same apps, want to be able to use it simultaneously and want to be able to get notifications from all the accounts.

This is where the App Cloner comes in handy. It has an entirely different approach about running to multiple instances of the same account.

Unlike Parallel Space, and other third-party apps, which offer a virtual environment where a cloned version of the installed app can be created where your accounts can be added, what cloner app does is it lets you clone the app at APK level.

Which means you can make changes in the app icon, as well as the name of the app. Once the app clone is created, it is installed as a separate app.

For example, if you clone WhatsApp and WhatsApp is already installed on your mobile phone, you will be able to install the cloned version of WhatsApp as well, and have its icon appear in a different colour.

I am currently using it to clone WhatsScan App, so that I can use two of my WhatsApp accounts on both my phones, but there can be many use cases, and it can be useful for many people who want to to use two accounts on an app simultaneously.

Unfortunately due to its nature, the app cloner is not available in the Play Store, but you can install it by downloading the APK.

App cloner has got its official website, so you can download the APK using the link mentioned below.

Download App Cloner APK

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