How to Run Your WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

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We have shared articles regarding how to run more than two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone in the past. There are several ways to do it.

But, do you want to know how to Run Your WhatsApp on More than two Mobile Phones? Well, continue reading for the to know more about it.

Running your single WhatsApp account on multiple devices is a little tricky and is natively not supported by WhatsApp, especially if you try to run WhatsApp on many mobile phones. It’s a handy feature offered by competing apps like Telegram.

Even Facebook’s Messenger can be used on multiple devices. Maybe we will see that feature coming soon, but till then, here is a workaround to run your WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

How to run WhatsApp account on multiple devices

The trick is not technical. WhatsApp already has a way of accessing your WhatsApp on devices other than your mobile phone. It’s called WhatsApp web, which is available for people who want to access their WhatsApp on computers.

WhatsApp web ab is available as native apps for both Windows and Mac OS, but can also be accessed at, using web browsers.

Unfortunately, mobile web browsers to not support Whatsapp web. So, here is the trick to use WhatsApp web on mobile phones

WhatsApp web, in a web browser, is packed into an APK file installed on Android. Sach apps are called Whatscan Apps, and if you search for the Whatscan app on Play Store, you will find more than a dozen on them.

Sadly, all the developers exploit the need of users who want to access their WhatsApp account on multiple devices by putting so many ads that it ruins the experience of using it.

Fortunately, there are some ad-free alternatives available, either in the form of premium versions of Whatscan apps or Modded APK, that remove or disable ads on these apps. You can know more about finding the best ad-free Whatscan app to access your WhatsApp on multiple devices

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