Fire TV Stick Remote Not Working – How I fixed it

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So after using Amazon Fire TV Stick for almost a year the remote started acting on me. I looked on the Internet to find the solution, but two most of the answer solution is to visit the service centre or get a replacement.

Now when I look for the replacement option, it costs around Rs 2000 ($25). $25 for a remote for a device that costs $60. That is inconvenient pricing.

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How I Fixed my Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote?

I already have got a Xiaomi Mi 43 inch TV for myself, so it’s just the kids who watch TV where the Amazon Fire TV stick is connected. Although they have got Limited watch time, which means the remote is not used too much, I still had to change batteries every 15 days or so.

I got rid of buying alkaline batteries and got rechargeable ones. The batteries are always ready to be replaced. When the kids complain that remote is not working, despite changing the batteries, I first thought there is some issue with the charger, which is now over ten years old.

But before doing that, I wanted to be sure and bought new alkaline batteries for the remote. And as expected, it wasn’t working, which means there is something wrong with the remote itself and not the batteries.

Since it’s the kids who watch their cartoon shows on it, they drop the remote several times in a day. So in the last one year, it may have dropped hundreds of times if not thousands.

There’s something that broke inside the remote, and it could be fixed by just opening by unscrewing the remote.

Sadly Amazon does not want you to open the remote, so they have made sure that you do not open it without breaking it. I tried it myself and succeeded in opening the remote.

I found that the battery connection, which connected with the circuit board of the remote, the did not touch it, so there was no power going to the circuit board.

After carefully lifting the part that touches the circuit board, and closing down the remote, it was operating after putting the batteries.

The challenge though is to close the remote again as there are no screws and you would require a strong glue to do it.

Although the Amazon Fire TV stick remote is now working, it is not in good shape. Waiting for the launch of the Mi Box, which it is going to be e in the similar price range. So I think it is better to buy a better device for $60 rather than buying a remote for a year-old device for $25.

Some common issues with the Amazon Fire TV stick remote

The problem with my Amazon Fire TV Stick remote not working was it it was dropped several times, and the battery connection with the circuit board was disconnected. Maybe yours is a different issue.

I found some common issues people are facing regarding the Amazon Fire TV stick remote, not working, and these are mentioned below for your convenience.

Battery is low

Like I told you earlier the Amazon Fire TV Stick requires the usage of Alkaline batteries. And that too is not going to last too long. So instead of buying alkaline batteries, I would recommend you buy rechargeable batteries which are at least 500mAh each.

Even after using rechargeable batteries make sure to have extra two batteries because you would require them to be replaced every fortnight also.

The battery compartment has dust

Some people also have claimed to fix there Fire TV Stick remote by cleaning the battery compartment. You may have used low-quality batteries that have leaked covering the battery connection which prevents the batteries from powering the remote.

The remote got unpaired

Maybe for some reason, the remote got inferred from the Amazon Fire TV stick itself which means it won’t work until it is paired back.

Restart Amazon Fire TV Stick

I have experienced this a few times myself sometimes the Amazon Fire TV Stick freezes and refuses to work. In those situations, I turn off and turn it on again. But if it doesn’t work for you, you can go to the about section of Amazon Fire TV Stick and restart the device, by using the Fire TV Stick remote app.

If none of the solutions mentioned above works for you, you can still control the Fire TV Stick using the remote app available for both iPhone and Android. Is that the mobile phone and the Amazon Fire TV stick need to be on the same network.

Multiple remotes can be paired; everyone who uses the TV can use their smartphones to control it.

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