What’s the Difference Between an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S

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One of our Techtippr readers asked me what’s actually different in the iPhone 6S as he couldn’t spot the difference apart from the price.

And wait,

Before you scroll down to troll us in the comments, allow me to explain what is actually question was. He knew that iPhone 6 was launched in September 2014 and the iPhone 6S launched in September 2016.  And in the world where the technology changes every three months, logically there is going to be a lot of new stuff in the iPhone 6S.

But, his question was,

It is really worth to upgrade?

I mean the iPhone 6 (16GB) is $649 and iPhone 6S is $700, which means you will have to spend $51 more for the iPhone 6S.

The prices may vary a bit and the difference may be a few dollars less or more in different markets.

So, How is iPhone 6S actually different from iPhone 6?

Apple has been launching iPhones every year, and they have made a pattern of bringing a new design every second year. The design changed happened last year so the iPhone 6S is all about what has changed inside the phone.

The iPhone 6S is slightly thicker and heavier.

Dimensions of iPhone 6  :138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm  | Weight:  129g

Dimensions of iPhone 6S: 38.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm | Weight: 143g

You may heave heard about the infamous #BendGate when people claimed that their iPhone 6 is bending in the pockets when they sit or a slight pressure it applied on the phone. The Unbox Therapy made a video about it which has got over 67+ Million Views.

So, Apple has used a stronger 7000 Series aluminium alloy which makes it more durable, at least it won’t bend itself in the pockets.

iPhone 6S has a 3D touch which allows the screen to respond differently when different levels of pressure it applied on the screen. It’s something like the Force touch Apple brought in the Apple Watch.

Suppose in the message list, you can tab and apply a little pressure, you will be able to preview the message, apply a little more pressure, it will open that message.

Apart from the 3D touch, there is no change in the screens, both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S have the same screen resolution (750 x 1334 pixels ) and pixel density (326 ppi).

The power department is where the iPhone 6S has seen a big change, it uses the Apple A9 chip whereas the iPhone 6 uses the Apple A8 chip. Apple says that A9 is 70% faster than A8, so if you are using an iPhone 6, you may get the idea how fast iPhone 6S would be.

iPhone 6S has a 12MP Primary Camera and a 5MP front Camera while the iPhone 6 has an 8MP Primary & 1.2MP front camera. Which means, if you take a lot of selfies, iPhone 6S is going be make them a lot better, crispier as the screen will turn brighter when you are taking a photo from the front camera.

Apart from that, the camera can now take live photos, a new feature that records 3-second videos around the photo so that when you apply force (3D touch feature) on the screen, it will be like a live photo with sound.

iPhone 6S can also take videos in 4K. But then, you might want to buy a 64GB variant.

According to the specs sheet, iPhone 6S has a lesser battery (1715mAh) compared to the iPhone 6 (1810mAh), but Apple claims it will last for up to 14 hours of talk time like the iPhone 6.

The final verdict is, you will be getting a phone with a faster processor and a better camera with some unique features like the 3D touch and the live photos.

If you are already using the iPhone 6, ask yourself that would you really love these new additions as iPhone 6 is still a great phone.

And if you are in the market looking for a new phone, there is no reason why you should not go for iPhone 6S, because, next year in September, when Apple launched iPhone 7, you will be two generations away if you buy iPhone 6 now.

Check out this video comparing iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S 

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