How to move the Chrome address bar from top to the bottom on Your Android

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
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In this article we will talk about how we can move the address bar in Chrome for Android from top to bottom.

It’s actually quite useful, when you have the address bar at the bottom.

With Smartphones becoming bigger, it’s becoming tougher to access and navigate the Smartphones with one hand, and having the address bar at the bottom actually is quite helpful.

I have been using it from last few days and it has allowed me to use my phone with one hand.

So, if you Are a Google Chrome user on your Android phone, this is how you can move the address bar from top to bottom.

Step 1

Launch Google Chrome, then type chrome://flags in the address bar.

Step 2

This will open advanced settings, where you can make changes, you can scroll down to Chrome Home or simply find it by searching it from the top search bar.

Step 3

Once you get it, it would be set default. Tap on the default and select enable after that the Chrome browser will ask to relaunch.

Step 4

You might have to close Google Chrome and clear it from the recent app in order for the changes to take effect.

Step 5

You can watch the screencast below to learn how to do it

I hope you find this post useful in accessing your phone with one hand.

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