How can I play YouTube video in WhatsApp chat window?

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WhatsApp is used by billion people to communicate with their friends and family, from sending important messages, to greetings, to simply hanging out, there are different use cases of this amazing instant messaging app.

Now, WhatsApp has added another great feature, it’s the ability to play YouTube videos in a floating window right inside the WhatsApp chat window.

How to play YouTube videos in WhatsApp chat window?

To play a YouTube video in WhatsApp, you can either copy the URL of the particular video or tap on the share button to find WhatsApp and then send it to the particular contact.

Once the video link appears in the chat Window for a particular chat, you and the recipients can click/tap on it to open it in a new floating window.

This floating window can be dragged around your mobile screen, you can move it above or below your chat window and keep chatting with your friend while watching the YouTube video being played.

This is a new feature that has already been rolled out for Android users. And there are many use cases of this YouTube video playing in a floating window.

You don’t have to leave WhatsApp chat whenever you click/tap on a YouTube link and you are able to watch the entire video by staying right in the WhatsApp chat window, where you tapped on the link.

When you exit the chat window to message or chat with another person on WhatsApp the YouTube video will be closed and the floating window would disappear.

Same is the case with audio messages as well, but you can keep playing at the audio message even when you have exited WhatsApp.

For example, when you tap on an audio message and it starts playing, you can tap the home button or swipe up to go to the home screen by exiting the WhatsApp, but the audio still keeps playing.

The audio can be controlled from the notification pane.

WhatsApp has also recently introduced the picture in picture feature for video calling which means that you would still be able to see the other person in the video call even when you have exited WhatsApp and are on home screen or inside another app.

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