How to Recover Deleted Files in Android

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When you delete a file, it doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. Deleting a file only removes the link between the file and the file system, so the operating system is free to write new data over that space. For files to be truly deleted, they must be overwritten with new data.

Experts suggest not using the phone at all once you have mistakenly deleted a file so that it doesn’t get overwritten and the chances of recovering it remains.

What happens when you delete a file on Android?

Apologies you getting your hopes too high. The introduction of this article talks about deleted files not being deleted from the system.

Android mobile phones work a bit differently. However, there’s still hope. First, let’s understand the difference between a computer and an Android mobile.

The collection of deleted files from Android devices is not housed inside a specific recycle bin. The main reason is probably the phone’s limited internal memory. Unlike a computer, an Android phone usually has only 32GB – 256GB of storage, which is insufficient to hold a particular trash bin.

So, the files you delete remain there, but are marked as deleted, and it’s space is made available to be overwritten. But this doesn’t mean a recovery app will recover it for you for sure.

Where are deleted files stored on Android?

Natively, there’s no trash bin to recover your files. But many OEMs (like Samsung, Xiaomi etc.) have a trash system in the custom version of the Android OS.

But it is mainly for Photos and Videos. So if you delete a photo on devices from these manufacturers, chances are, it goes in a trash folder with limited time validity, usually 30 days.

So if you are looking for a way to recover your photo or video, and you have a device from a manufacturer with a trash folder system, you will most likely recover your file.

How to recover deleted files in Android

If you own an android device which does not have a dress system, you can still install a third-party app with this functionality. 

Use Google Photos

One of my recommendations is google photos, which works amazingly well for all android devices and offers 15GB of storage to back up your photos and videos that can be accessed via the cloud. 

Using a photo and video backing-up app like google photos would also solve your problem of moving from one android device to another, as the photos are already in the cloud. It will be available on the other device after logging into your Google account. 

Use Google Drive

Regarding recovering files other than photos and videos, OEMs like Samsung and Xiaomi don’t have any kind of trash system to recover deleted files quickly. 

But again, you can use third-party apps, like google drive, where you can back up your files. And it will be available for the next 30 days if you have deleted it. 

Would the Premium Data Recovery Software Work in this Case?

Again, it would help if you didn’t get your hopes high. I would suggest it is doubtful that the deleted files e on android mobile can be recovered using these paid data recovery software for windows and mac. 

However, in case of data corruption, for example, if you cannot open the file because maybe it got corrupted, then, in that case, data recovery software can help. 

But if you accidentally deleted the file, chances are next to zero.

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