How to Secure Your Facebook Account from Data Leakes

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Facebook has been in the news lately regarding their data leak of 57 Million users by the Cambridge Analytica, an analysis agency from the UK which aids the Political parties to create campaigns on the basis of data.

The sources Cambridge Analytica got access to users data from Facebook is also accessible by thousands of developers on the Facebook platform.

Which means it’s just Cambridge Analytica that has been caught doing it there may be many more who are getting access to our data more than they should.

There has been a campaign going on all over the world with the #DeleteFacebook if you want to be a part of it we have written a detailed guide to delete your Facebook account permanently.

But if you do not want to delete your account permanently and want a solution to secure your Facebook data from getting misused by the developers you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Stop using ‘Login with Facebook’ anywhere

We have come across several websites and apps which offer a simple solution for creating an account on their service by login with Facebook, what they do is they get access to your profile photo your username your email address to create your account.

One of many apps that are collecting my data via Facebook

But they can access much more than that, they can get access to your friends, your status updates your post likes and the pages you have liked.

And if it is not a company like Google and Apple, you shouldn’t be using the ‘ login with Facebook’ option.

Websites as simple as personality quizzes also ask you to connect your Facebook account which is scary because anyone can create a website and their objective might be to collect your data and not give out your personality why are a quiz.

Disconnect all the apps connected to Facebook

You may have already connected few apps to your WhatsApp account, we would highly recommend you disconnect them right away. You can do this by going to the settings area on Facebook and then click on apps where you will see all the apps that are connected to Facebook.

Simply delete them one by one

Block Facebook Pixel

Facebook inserts a cookie in your browser and lets its advertisers retarget you on other websites as well. Use this Chrome extension to stop Facebook from retargeting you outside of Facebook

Delete your Facebook posts and unlike pages

If you want to go one step further to stop advertisers targeting you on Facebook you can delete all your posts unlike all your pages and unfriend all your friends. The Social Book Post Manager Chrome extension will help you do it.

By doing this your newsfeed will be empty as you have not like any page or have any friends added but it also means that Facebook will have data about you to let the advertisers target you.

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