This update lets you hide WhatsApp photos from Gallery app

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In the latest update from WhatsApp, a new feature has been added, which now gives the option to hide/show the WhatsApp photos in the Gallery app. Check out this article for detailed information.

Over 1 billion people use WhatsApp for messaging their friends and family; it’s not just text messages that make this instant messaging app popular.

People share photos and videos on the platform. I am continually getting MEMEs in the groups I have joined. Some family members send Good Morning roses, while some friends send awkward photos.

This consistent flow of images quickly populates at the Gallery, and then there are photos that you don’t want in the gallery app.

There is a workaround to hide WhatsApp photos from appearing in the Gallery, we have also written a detailed article regarding that topic.

You have to create a new file with the name ‘.nomedia’ (the dot is essential) inside the WhatsApp images folder, and then clear the cache of the gallery app. The photos from that folder will not appear in the Gallery.

However, I have found that this particular workaround does not work on every smartphone. I tried hiding WhatsApp photos in Samsung Galaxy S7 but failed.

There is also another way we can stop WhatsApp photos and videos from populating your Gallery, is by restricting the auto-download of images and videos.

But again, old photos that you downloaded manually and the viewed, will still be visible in the gallery section, and you will have to delete the photos manually.

But, now finally WhatsApp has made it easier than ever to restrict WhatsApp photos from appearing in the gallery app. The latest update brought the option of hiding photos you receive in WhatsApp from appearing in the gallery.

How to Hide/Show WhatsApp photos in Gallery

You can find the option enable and disable this new feature by going to the data and storage usage from settings in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has been introducing unique features to its app, and it has recently introduced group video calling.

If you are a WhatsApp user and want to know more tips and tricks to make the best use of WhatsApp check out this massive list of WhatsApp tricks and tips.

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