How to Download Music on Android?

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Assuming you are on an Android mobile phone and looking to download music on your Android device, I will be writing all the options you have got.

So you can bookmark this article for future reference, or maybe you can save it for offline purposes (check out this article to know how we can do it on Android mobile).

What’s your purpose for downloading the music?

If you are a consumer, and this was 2015, it would be a stupid question because most of the people looking for a way to download music on Android mobile phones were consumers. They just wanted to listen to their favorite songs.

But today, more than half a decade later, we have plenty of options, and there are different types of people looking to download music.

Are you are Video Creator?

Instagram, Tik Tok enabled everyone to create videos from their mobile phones and gain a vast audience.

If you are one of the people or looking to get started, I would assume you would search for different music types.

Ideally, all the music files are available on the platform itself. If you want to create Tik Tok videos, you can use any audio by searching their forum. The same goes for Instagram reels.

But outside that, if you are creating videos for Facebook or YouTube, you cannot download just any song and use it in your videos. You want copyright-free music, here is a detailed guide to download music from the internet for Free, Legally.

Legally is the keyword here.

Are You A Music Lover?

The second type of person who is looking to download music from the internet is a music lover.

Assuming you are a music lover, I would like to suggest better options for listening to your favorite music on your Android mobile phone.

Instead of downloading and creating a library of music on your mobile, you can use streaming services. As I said, we are in an age where mobile data is cheap, and almost every household gas has a Wi-Fi connection.

Streaming services offer millions of songs at your fingertips. You don’t have to download anything. Use your mobile phone storage for some other things.

Stream Music on your Android for Free?

Aishwarya understands you do not want to pay for any streaming services, and maybe this is why you are looking to download music on your Android mobile.

There are free versions available also, offered by these premium streaming services. And the reason they are free is that they are ad-supported.

So if you don’t mind interruptions between a song or two, you can check out Spotify, Gaana, YouTube Music, etc.

Play YouTube in Background

Here’s another way to listen to music, you can use the massive library of YouTube, which has a vast collection of music. There are workarounds to play YouTube in the background as well.

Looking to Download Music on iPhone? Check out this awesome article.

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