A Step-by-Step Guide to Enable Speech Recognition on Windows 10

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The speech recognition feature was introduced in Windows Vista operating system, it allows you to control your computer through voice commands.

You can dictate documents, write emails, control your operating system’s user interface, perform various keyboard shortcuts, etc.

In short, it lets you become more productive by doing things faster.

Here is a step-by-step guide to enable the speech recognition feature on Windows 10

★ Type Speech on the Cortana search bar and click on Windows speech recognition appearing in the suggestions.

★ A separate Window will pop up saying Welcome to speech recognition. You can click on the Next button to proceed

★ In the next window, you will have to select the audio input source.

★ You can select the type of microphone you are using, you can also select others to use the inbuilt microphone of your laptop.

★ When you click on the Next button, the next flight will tell you about proper microphone placement, you can again click on the Next button.

★ The next slide would be your training area where you would have to speak a sentence so that the computer can know your voice better.

Note: The speech recognition gets better with time, the more you speak the more computers Learns about your dialect, voice modulation, and speaking style to work better.

★ You can proceed to the next slide by clicking the Next button after the voice training.

★ The next slide would ask for your permission to review your documents and emails for better accuracy. You can enable or disable and then click on Next.

★ On the next slide, you will be able to choose between manual activation mode and voice activation mode.

★ If you choose the manual activation mode, you will have to activate the speech recognition by clicking on the Microphone icon (🎤) or by pressing Ctrl + Windows key.

★ If you choose the voice activation mode, the speech recognition can be started by saying ‘Start listening

★ On the next slide, you can print out the speech reference sheet, and keep it on your table to view helpful commands.

★ On the next slide, you will get the option if you want to enable speech recognition every time your computer starts up, you can keep the box checked and click on next.

★ The next slide will train you about different voice commands you can use in speech recognition by going through a tutorial.

Here is a list of all the useful commands for the speech recognition in Windows

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