Mobile Data Not Working on Xiaomi Poco F1, Redmi and Redmi Note Phones? Here’s How to Fix it

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There are more than 1 billion Android Smartphones that are active, thanks to the variety of Smartphone manufacturers who choose the Android OS 2 power their smartphones.

One such company is Xiaomi, which makes some amazing smartphones, which are also super value to the money.

Their Redmi and Redmi Note series is particularly popular in countries like India, and they even introduced a flagship killer the Poco F1 as a separate sub-brand, the next generation of which is going to be launched soon.

Although the Xiaomi smartphones are value to the money smartphones, there are some compromises you have to make to get these great smartphones at great prices.

One of the compromises is minor issues like mobile data not working every now and then, apps force restarting once in a while, etc.

Although Xiaomi has come a long way in the last few years to make their phone near perfect, they are still some issues faced by the regular user.

In this article, we will list out different ways you can try to fix the issue of mobile data not working on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Try these methods to fix mobile data not working

Before further into this article, make sure you have a mobile data plan activated on your SIM, there are different methods which you can check whether or not a data plan is activated on your mobile.

Reboot your smartphone

This is actually applicable in almost every situation where you see a sudden malfunction of one of your smartphones feature.

There are 90% chances where a simple reboot of your smartphone would fix the issue.

Volume buttons not working, the navigation buttons are not working? Not able to launch a particular app? Mobile data not working? Try rebooting your smartphone.

Put your smartphone on airplane mode

Although this method will not fix other issues on your smartphone, it might be helpful in getting the ‘mobile data not working’ issue fixed.

Putting airplane mode on your smartphone disconnects all the connections of your mobile phones and when you turn off the airplane mode, your smartphone tries to make the connections again, which could potentially fix the issue of mobile data not working.

Also, make sure you have turned off the Wi-Fi, as your smartphone would prefer the Wi-Fi connection over mobile data, irrespective of whether the internet connection is available on the Wi-Fi network or not.

Make sure you have enabled mobile data roaming

Majority of the mobile data plans work nationwide, smartphones still have got a tiny feature that is being carried forward from the last few years.

Every Android phone has an option where you can turn off data when you are outside of your city.

Make sure it is the tiny feature allows you to use data while you are roaming in other cities.

Check Data Usage Limit

Mostly all the Android Smartphones from Xiaomi come with a feature where you can manage your mobile data by putting a cap on your data usage.

When you have consumed a defined amount of data, the mobile stops data transfer despite the mobile data option being turned on.

You can go to the Settings area, click on Mobile data, or Data usage, and try to increase the data limit so that you are able to use more data before it gets you again.

Talk to your mobile carrier

The Last Resort would be to talk to the customer service of your mobile carrier, you can even Tweet to them if you use Twitter, you might have to share your details via DM so that they can call and understand the issue.

If all the above methods could not fix your issue of mobile data not working, it is probably because of your mobile carrier.

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