How to Post 360-Degree Photos on Facebook

Without any special Camera

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If you are one of those 1 million people, who use Facebook on a daily basis, you might have seen the 360 photos that some people share on Facebook.

While there are special cameras for taking 360-degree photos and videos, Facebook has actually made it easier for anyone to share 360 photos on Facebook, and you don’t need a special camera for that, your smartphone camera is capable of doing that.

All you need is the official Facebook app,

Sharing a screenshot showing where you can find the option to post 360 photos on Facebook, but since Facebook keeps experimenting with their user interface I can’t guarantee how long this UI will be there, so I’ll just briefly tell you about where you can find the option.

So when you open the Facebook app, you have a text input field, it’s preoccupied with a phrase, “write something here…”, you need to ta on that

Once You tap on it, you will find all the tools available for posting a status message, scroll down to find more features, and at the bottom, you will find 360 photo feature.

When you tap on it, your camera will open, and you can take that 360-degree photo by revolving the camera around you, and not moving the camera up and down.

What Facebook actually does is, it takes a panoramic photo and stitches using its software to make it look like a 360-degree photo.

The processing requires a bit of time than usual,, but it’s not too long, maybe 5 seconds extra.

Tne thing to keep in mind while posting 360-degree photos, when you will be making a revolution, if there are any moving objects that come into your photos frame, then it might look like something you see Google Street View where you see half cars or half human, because they were moving when the photo was being taken.

So, for taking perfect 360-degree photos for Facebook, choose a place where there is less movement around you, that way the photos tend to look great.

Watch this screencast

So this is how you take 360-degree photos Facebook. 

And yes, this feature is also available for pages as well.

BTW, the 360 Degree content feels more immersive in the VR boxes, and you can buy them for cheap, here is a good post about it.

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