4 Helpful Resources to Learn How to Pronounce Names Correctly

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The English language is a little tricky, even though there are specific rules as to how you would pronounce something that is spelled in a certain way, there are still a few words that do not follow the general rule.

It gets even trickier with names, with so many different regions and languages in the world, there are so many different names which are not easy to pronounce.

Things could get embarrassing when you have to pronounce someone’s name which is difficult, and you have never heard of it.

Thankfully in the age of the internet, you can find everything on the internet, even about how to pronounce a specific name.

So this is a list of resources you can use to find out how to pronounce names correctly.

Learn How to Pronounce Names


This website is quite useful in knowing how to pronounce a particular name it could be from anywhere.

The website uses the Closed Captions of YouTube and places the YouTube video embedded on the page from the time where the particular word is pronounced in the video.

It’s pretty useful to hear a real person pronouncing the name. YouTube videos are one of the best places where you can find the actual pronunciation of names.

Pronounce Names

As the name suggests, pronounce names is a website with a massive database of names from different regions.

Finding a particular name by typing in the search box gives you the origin of the world and the right pronunciation of that name.

You can also listen to the audio version to know the exact pronunciation of that name.

The user interface is a little old and has not been updated in a long time but gets the job done.


HowToPronounce.Com is another useful website which helps you here the exact pronunciation of a name.

When I tested the website it had different audio files, you can listen to them and find which one is more appropriate.

There is also a voting system which would tell the users which one of the audio is the most accurate one for pronouncing the particular name.

The user interface of the website is old, but you won’t be having any trouble finding out where to type the word to pronounce at where to click to listen to the audio file.


It is also a useful resource for finding out the actual pronunciation of names from different countries.

Although when I tried finding out a few problematic names from India, the database of Inogolo returned 0 results meaning it is only appropriate for difficult names from the US and other big countries.

Apart from these four resources, I tried a few more which are popular or the purpose of finding out the actual pronunciation of and complicated names, but most of them were not good enough to be included in this list.

“Some Websites Had Limited database of names while others why not usable.

And out of these four resources, the best one I would recommend is Youglish. Because it finds out a YouTube video in which the particular word has been said.

And since I had already mentioned that YouTube is one of the best places where you can learn about how to pronounce anything, not just names.

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