Stop Mi Browser Push Notifications in Xiaomi Smartphones

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The Xiaomi smartphones are undoubtedly the most value to the money Smartphones available in the market. And the reason behind it is because Xiaomi does not rely on the sale of its hardware alone. It has many different ways to monetize its business.

And one of the ways is to show ads on their smartphones, which is also criticized heavily in several tech communities.

Xiaomi, in their defence, says that every user has the option to turn off the ads and the ads do not appear in the system apps.

But it is still annoying to see ads here and there on a Xiaomi phone especially the push notification sent by apps like the Mi Browser.

While we have addressed the issue of turning off notification from several of Xiaomi apps, in this article we are going to address how you can stop/disable the MI browser push notifications in Xiaomi smartphones.

It’s actually pretty simple, the next time you get a notification simply go to the notification area and long press on the notification.

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It will open the notification settings for the particular app where you have the options to disable the push notifications.

You can tap on each of the options given and then use the toggle button to turn off push notifications. Once you are done with it you will no longer see to push notifications from Mi Browser.

Check out this video tutorial to know how you can do this on your smartphone

Similarly, you can do this every time you get a push notification from an App from Xioami or any other app. This trick is also helpful in disabling annoying notification ads from several apps.

It’s not just Xiaomi apps that will show annoying Notifications, there could be any free app that is monetized with Ads.

As we have discussed on the blog several times, developers have only a few ways to support the development of the apps. But sometimes they get too comfortable and start showing ads aggressively.

And mostly the ads are from Apps that are backed by big companies, and not just a single person. So, the first option you have is to get rid of the app by uninstalling it, or if it is an important utility, you can this trick (at least in a Xiaomi phone) to disable the Push notifications from the app.

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