Watch YouTube without Buffering on Slower Internet Connections on Mobile

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Anwer Khan
Anwer Khan
Anwer is passionate about helping others to understand this complex web called the Internet. He also has interests Mobile Phones, Movies and Golf.

The fast average Internet in the world is available in South Korea, and the next best Internet is found in Japan. If you are living in either of these countries, then please leave.  You don’t need our help. For the rest of the world, please carry on reading.

Not that every other country would need this advice but the ones who are not blessed with a faster Internet, will thank me at the end of this post, because I will help you watch your favourite videos of funny cats and dogs on YouTube without any interruptions.

Yes, that’s possible.

There are mainly two methods

1. Lower the Video Resolution

The HD videos may have become common in the last few years, but remember the time when YouTube only had videos with a resolution of 240p, then they got 360p. It was so easy to browse them on my 256kbps Internet Connection.


So, if you are watching a video on your mobile, you can turn down the resolution from the Quality control. 360p is fine, but you can do 240p if your connection is too slow.

Use Opera Max

Opera Max is a data management app from Opera, it will compress the media files by 50%, which means you videos will be half in size without much loss in the quality. It works really well for both Images and Videos.

Just install and enable Opera Max and it will do the rest. You may continue Watching YouTube videos inside the App or in your Mobile browser.

You can also combine these two methods to watch more videos by spending less bandwidth.

➤  Here is how you can save more mobile bandwidth

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