Chrome for Android Tabs Will Get Suspended in the Background after 5 Minutes of Inactivity

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Google Chrome may be the most popular Browser on the internet.

But, it has earned a name of being notorious about using more resources than required and being a resource hungry software.

Fortunately, Google is working really hard to prove this wrong by making improvements in its Browser.

And, a recent improvement that is coming soon for Chrome for Android, will suspend tabs in the browser after 5 minutes of activity, resulting in minimum usage of CPU resources and also improve the battery life of your smartphone.

The engineers at Google have got more proof by doing several tests that it works.

We can also expect this to conserve battery and CPU resources because it will be technically correct to say that if a Chrome tab gets suspended after a period of time, It will not be getting a refresh requesting for updated information, which uses CPU resources and battery juice to power the operation.

The developers at the XDA forum have found a commit in Chromium Gerrit which has a mention of the #stop-loading-in-background flag.

Chrome for Android team at Google has been running the experiment from past few months and they think it is now ready to be made default in the next version of Chrome for Android (or maybe next to next version)

Currency this feature is only going to be rolled out to Chrome for Android because it is much required on a smartphone.

But, if you are looking for a solution for Google Chrome for Mac or PC, the good news is that there is a Chrome extension that is called The Great Suspender.

It does a kind of similar job by suspending tabs that remain inactive for a period of time so that it does not use the resources of your computer.

You can read Google’s official documentation by clicking on the link above to know more about stopping background loading in Chrome for Android.

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